Llaryora together with Passerini announced the construction of two centers to address addictions in the Capital

Llaryora together with Passerini announced the construction of two centers to address addictions in the Capital
Llaryora together with Passerini announced the construction of two centers to address addictions in the Capital
The governor Martin Llaryora and the mayor of the city of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, They signed an agreement for the construction of two new centers to address addictions and mental health, which will be added to the other three that the provincial capital has.

The announcement took place during the presentation of the Mental Health and Addictions Services and Care Network in the city of Córdoba.
“We have been working on this problem for a long time, what we propose now is one more step, which consists of generating a unified protocol for all the centers that exist, both for mental health cases and for cases of addiction problems,” defined the governor.

Llaryora highlighted the investment of 500 million pesos by the Government of the Province of Córdoba for the creation of two new centers of
accompaniment in the city of Córdoba. “This will be very important not only for the provincial capital, but for the entire metropolitan area, we are generating an immense network to be able to help those who suffer from the scourge of drug addictions, which affects those who consume and their families,” he said. .

The Network aims to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health and problematic substance use throughout the city, counting on the multiple actors involved in the issue.

About the protocol

In this way, the new protocol establishes that in the urgency, emergency or crisis, timely intervention will be sought to resolve the acute situation; To this end, a comprehensive assessment of the person and their environment will be carried out that allows acting effectively and prudently in order to facilitate the access circuit to the health system.

The protocol provides that the Municipality will have the Medical Emergency Service 107 to intervene in emergency and crisis situations also on public roads.

In this regard, the governor assured: “I have no doubt that this manual will be the basis of the manuals not only in Argentina, but in Latin America. How to start a policy that unites all sectors, and a prestigious health policy that allows us to improve the quality of life of each of the neighbors where these initiatives are applied.”

For his part, the mayor Passerini He thanked the joint work with the Province, and highlighted that “the most important thing about this new care protocol is that it will have a community approach, and we believe that it is the best way to achieve the best results.”

In relation to care, the protocol establishes an assessment -triage- based on clinical and mental health indicators, and different health areas; that will determine which health center or entity will take part in addressing the problem.

In this sense, the Network provides for the participation of health centers of the public subsector, of national management (Hospital de Clínicas), provincial (general hospitals, Primary Health Care Centers -CAPs-, Judicial Branch, among others) or municipal (municipal CAPs, Directorate of Medical Specialties -DEM-, general hospitals, among others); and the private subsector.

Meanwhile, the roles of territorial, religious organizations and organizations, associations, institutes, among other social entities that come
addressing these problems.

The Minister of Health, Ricardo Pieckenstainer, He noted: “We intend to apply this strategic plan not only to the city of Córdoba, but to use it as a platform so that we can reproduce and implement it in the rest of the metropolitan entity and eventually to all the municipalities of the province.”

The municipal undersecretary of mental health and addictions, Lucas Torrice, He maintained that “the bet is to integrate care organizations into the service network. “Move from the culture of referral to the idea of ​​continuity of care, of the integral articulation of the system.”

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