Magdalena, among the first five exporters in the country: MinComercio

Magdalena, among the first five exporters in the country: MinComercio
Magdalena, among the first five exporters in the country: MinComercio

Within non-mining goods, the agricultural sector was the one that had the best performance in its sales to external markets in the first quarter of this 2024 with a growth of 2.5 percent compared to the same period last year, said the Minister of Commerce, Germán Umaña.

In the balance, he highlighted that Risaralda, Bogotá, Magdalena, Huila and Antioquia, They were the largest exporters in the country, with a total of US$2,509.3 million for a growth of 16.5% compared to the same period in 2023, when they totaled US$2,154.3 million.

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According to Umaña, there were several products from the industry that also helped boost this type of exports: ltilapia fillets, which registered an increase of 115.5 % compared to the first quarter of 2023; bananas, with a growth of 84.9%; vehicles for cargo and people, which increased their exports by 74.4% and the Tahiti lemon, with a positive variation of 60.3%.

In this group, the offices of Hass avocado at 34.7%; polyvinyl chloride, which increased by 18.4%; those of sugar (at 17.5%), those of beauty preparations at 16.8%; those of flowers by 7.8% and those of chocolates, candies and candy grew 3.3%, for example.

According to the destinations, the first place went to Belgium, followed by Venezuela, China, Mexico and Chile, declared in turn the vice minister of foreign trade, Luis Felipe Quintero Suárez.

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In the case of Venezuela, said Umaña, not only has its participation in non-mining exports increased, but it reached 3.5% in this first quarter, with double-digit growth: 26%.

In the period of analysis, Colombia exported non-mining goods worth US$172.2 million to the neighboring country, while the immediately previous year it was US$136.4 million.

Among what is sold to Venezuela, sweets, centrifugal pumps, milk, soybean oil, fertilizers, confectionery items, crackers, palm oil and electric accumulators stand out.

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