The news in shops and bars that have opened their doors in the Center of Córdoba

The Center of Córdoba is once again stirring on the commercial side with new openings of establishments to take advantage of the economic boom that spring brings to the city.

Streetwear fashion comes from Boston

Malaga fashion reaches Cross Count with Boston, a men’s clothing brand that promises to set a trend in Córdoba. Shopping and looking at new clothes has to be a moment of tranquillityso when you set foot inside its premises, you can feel the freedom to explore the various sets thanks to its open concept and its 125 square meters.

With a wide range for all seasons, Boston offers you a ‘roll’ casual so you can be dressed accordingly for your plans within the city. In addition, they offer a range of urban sports clothing along with a catalog of suits with the best materials so that you are always ready for that special date.

Their more than 70 years of experience have turned this brand into a benchmark within the national panorama, establishing 40 points for sale within the country.

A corner that exudes elegance from Granada

There is a certain aroma of glamor near the Plaza de Las Tendillas thanks to Monkraf. The Granada firm has established in the Salamanca street a headquarters in which to offer a tailoring service along with a range of men’s clothes with a unique design.

Sometimes it is an impossible task to find the perfect suit, so renting them becomes the first option for going out. To put an end to this concept, Monkraf relies on the tailor shop so you can establish love at first sight with your most elegant look. From the choice of fabric until you find your measurements, this store promises you an experience in which you truly are the protagonist.

A brand that was born in 2019 and that has already had the honor of dressing institutions such as the Granada CF within its formal clothing line last season.

Your identity symbol? a highly qualified personalized service so that Cordoban men can be dressed according to their «elegance, detail and balance».

The fashion brand Casademunt arrives in Córdoba

From Barcelona, Maite Casademunt brings to Córdoba the best touches of women’s fashion. The Spanish model Nieves Alvarez It has been the image of this brand during the 2022 campaign to defend this ‘chic’ and at the same time groundbreaking style for lovers of personality. cosmopolitan.

The Casademunt clothing line is characterized by a style bold, colorful and distinctive, aimed at women who want to highlight their individuality and confidence. The brand is famous for its animal printssuch as zebra, leopard, tiger and python, which are found in a wide variety of clothing and accessories, providing a wild and sophisticated touch.

Every season, they are released four collections covering a wide range of products, from dresses and blouses to shoes and bags, allowing women find parts that adapt to various occasions and personal styles.

Currently, you can only get a ‘snack’ from their collection inside the shopping center The English Court in a corner reserved for this brand. This is so since they are preparing their launch on Cruz Conde Street with the promise of being a place that will not leave anyone indifferent.

With its more than 30 points sales distributed between Spain and Portugal, the peninsula is becoming too small for this Spanish firm that already has plans to reach the French market.

A fresh concept of Japanese gastronomy

Do you want to embark on your childhood again? Buga Ramen It is your place to have a meal in an atmosphere based on the animated series of that time. we were smaller. Naruto, dragon ballOne Piece, the heroes of our childhood meet in this Japanese restaurant that promises to take you to “the very streets of Akihabara.”

The japanese food has become a fundamental gastronomic reference in the West and this franchise with more than 15 points throughout the peninsula brings to Córdoba the best gyozas, spring rolls and edamame so that we can taste them. And be careful, since they promise to have the best ramen thanks to its secret recipe made with a lot of love for each of its guests.

Without a doubt, a place with a different proposal from what we are used to in Córdoba and that looks like it will become a fixture of the Córdoba street in Veracruz.

Montadito: the classic that triumphs

Looking for something quick and tasty to eat? Tollín’s office It’s your solution. Since its opening in Marchmany people have not wanted this new modern proposal of eating montaditos that the Cordoban chef brought Miguel Eguidazu.

Its giant screen and neon lights make it a place that does not go unnoticed by the eyes of passers-by. Jesus and Mary Street. Despite being a fast food concept, they guarantee quality in their service along with the use of fresh local products and their characteristic vermouth.

Designed to eat on the street, you have to go with your mind very open to let yourself be carried away by the most extravagant and unique to leave a good taste in your mouth as with ‘The devil’a montadito with tripe stew, sobrasada and a ‘hot’ sauce that becomes the favorite of spicy lovers.

Eating well and quickly is possible, and The Tollín office offers it to you in the palm of your hand

Don’t step on me, I’m wearing ‘HOFFS’

In the heart of Gondomar it’s found HOFF, a shoe store that escapes the traditional concept that we know. With a very colorfulAs soon as you enter you will find a great selection of sandals from its summer collection with various ‘cool’ designs so that walking in the high temperatures of Cordoba is not an ordeal.

Is a Spanish brand known for its innovative and avant-garde design that combines fashion and quality in their products. They use high quality materials, including leather and textiles, and many of their shoes are made with recycled materials and sustainable processes, reflecting its commitment to the environment.

HOFF offers a wide variety of sneakers for both men as for women, and their designs are usually bold and colorful. The brand has gained popularity not only for its quality products, but also for its presence in the world of fashion and social networksbeing used by many influencers and celebrities.

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