Letters from readers: Base Law, another Constitution?, the Judiciary

Letters from readers: Base Law, another Constitution?, the Judiciary
Letters from readers: Base Law, another Constitution?, the Judiciary


Never since the beginning of democracy in 1983 has the incumbent president been denied delegation of powers. Even less so, more than five months after the current president took office, he has not given him the necessary tools to govern. Milei is still debating trying to even achieve general approval of the Base Law by the Senate, already with half a sanction in deputies. Then will come the particular discussion, to return to deputies and finally, with an outcome still uncertain, to become law. In one corner, Kirchnerism; in the other, the ruling party. Between the two, the “dialogue opposition”, and part of the UCR with Senator Lousteau at the head, doing everything possible, but without being noticed, to overturn the law. Corporations (eternal unionists and prebendary businessmen) also play their part, and a State suffocating by taxes and regulations. Too many and very powerful interests are touched by the proposed changes, the same ones that, due to unwritten pacts with previous governments, caused the country to continue for decades on the path of decline in which they left us, until society for the most part said enough.

The question then is who will triumph, if what the vote categorically expressed, or the same interests as always. On which the future of our next generations will depend.

William Bronenberg

[email protected]

Senator Recalde stated in the debate on the Bases Law that the Constitution of 1853/60 no longer applies, alleging that it was replaced by the 1994 reform. Big mistake. Neither Recalde nor anyone can ignore that our Magna Carta did not change. What two political forces agreed on in December 1993 was a very limited reform and thus the law that declared the need for the reform prohibited touching Title 1 of the Constitution, with the iron premise that any modification that affected it would be absolutely null. . Therefore the list of what could be reformed was exhaustive. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court in the Fontevecchia case when it prevailed against a ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that sought to annul a decision of our supreme court. It is true that some try to avoid the limitations by citing treaties that were incorporated, but that, naturally, are valid as long as they do not violate that limitation. They also did so by incorporating a resource for protection other than the one authorized, which is why it is null and void as I have been maintaining, since it affects the foundation of our republican system, which is the separation and independence of powers. Now, the fact that in the Senate of the Nation it is affirmed that another Constitution governs us without anyone refuting it marks the extent of our disagreements and misunderstandings in the draft Base Law.

Horacio M. Lynch

[email protected]

I want to highlight and at the same time thank the nation for yesterday’s editorial note, which affirms with data and rigor the inconvenience of the nomination of Ariel Lijo to occupy a seat on the Supreme Court. I emphasize only this paragraph: “A reliable Judiciary is the cornerstone of stability and long-term macroeconomic development.”

Patricio Carli

[email protected]

A week ago, a report from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires was released, and with respect to the entire Buenos Aires territory, in which it is said that each day of the year 2023, an average of 2,900 complaints were made per the crimes of robberies, assaults, break-ins, abuses, rapes, cell phone snatching, scams, etc., one crime every 30 seconds on average. Compared to the previous year, 12% more crimes were committed by adults and 8% more crimes were committed by minors. It is worth asking what the Kicillof government has done to combat insecurity. The answer is nothing. And meanwhile, crime increases day after day, with its aftermath of deaths and injuries.

Horacio Raúl Peluffo

DNI 4,425,292

Milei, in his tribute to President Carlos Menem, mentioned as a memory and achievement of his administration “that he had achieved the reform of the 1994 Constitution with the greatest historical “consensus” of all the reforms. First of all, it is strange that Milei, who has renounced “consensus” because he considers them negotiated and the “give and take” of politics, in this case, simply to be right in a historical lie that he is trying to tell, vindicates them. The 1994 reform was not the product of a “consensus”, but of a circumstantial majority in Congress that brought, through imposition (Durañona and Vedia law), a “Perón style of 1949” reform, simply for the re- re-re, which was President Menem’s only objective and which forced the opposition, with Alfonsín at the head, to sign the Olivos Pact, in order to be able to incorporate into that reform a series of regulations that would improve the lives of Argentines. . Why don’t populist fundamentalisms put an end to the “stories” of a history seen with the left or right eye, and stop lying?

Enrique Di Fiori

[email protected]

With the rapid intervention of the Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, the torturers and murderers of the 5-year-old boy Lucio Dupuy, one of them his mother and the other his partner, were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Justice Department, which until now They lived in the same cell, they were separated and one of them was transferred to another prison.

You want it then you get it. Congratulations to the minister for her timely intervention and for doing justice.

Something is beginning to change in our beloved Argentina.

NOrberto Jorge Chivilo

DNI 8,260,897

Extortions with social plans

“Then they sing ‘fighting capital’… They sell themselves as socialists but they love the benefits of capitalism” – Yamila Sat

“Well, Milei… We must end State financing so that social organizations can carry out partisan campaigns and, on top of that, without putting any money out of their pockets, they are candidates for political office… enough of the political business with the poor , this is Peronism SA” – Miguel Ángel Pantano

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