The Bishop of Córdoba asks the Virgin of Health that “at the Fair there are no excesses that break the soul”

More than a hundred faithful gathered this Saturday on the esplanade in front of the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Salud to attend the traditional mass, officiated by the bishop of Córdoba, Monsignor Demetrio Fernández, in honor of the patron saint of the sick, an invocation that gives its name to the Fair that is held every year in the capital and that has its origin in a small image that appeared just over three and a half centuries ago in the city.

The Eucharist started on time, at 12.00 hours; Flamenco dresses and wide-brimmed hats were seen on the chairs in front of the altar in an act full of solemnity. Among those present were the mayor, José María Bellido, accompanied by his wife, Verónica Martos. The president of the Provincial Council, Salvador Fuentes, was also present; and the Festival delegate, Julián Urbano, among others.

During the mass, organized by the Cultural Association Knights and Ladies of Our Lady of Health“Monsignor Demetrio Fernández recalled the importance of this day in which the Virgin of Health is honored, who has many titles but is always the mass, the mother of God, our mother, the Most Holy Mary.”

The prelate has pointed out that health and salvation “come to us from Jesus; His wounds have healed ours, which are sin, selfishness and that inner imbalance. And he has done it through his mother. We invoke her as a collaborator of her son in the salvation of the world.

Thus, the bishop has raised his voice to ask the Virgin “to bring us health of soul and body, and may we live these days of the Fair happily. In this sense, she reminded those present that “crossing the line leaves wounds of selfishness that our mother in heaven must heal. Therefore, we ask her that during her celebration there be no excesses that break her soul, wounds that leave incurable bodily traces. May fun time not be destructive.

Thus, Monsignor Fernández has trusted that these days of celebration “will serve the joyful reunion, that the Fair runs without incident. And we say it to the Virgin, because she is there as a mother who protects us and takes care of us. For this reason, she has asked the people of Córdoba and “those who visit us that these days be healthy coexistence and joy».

Banner to the Fair

Once the religious celebration has ended, which included the participation of the singer Alvaro Vizcaino, the banner of Our Lady of Health has been enthroned on a car that has been part of the procession that has headed to the El Arenal fairgrounds. This act has already become a tradition in recent years, since the cult of this devotion was recovered.

Since 2009, the Knights and Ladies of the Virgin of Health Cultural Association recovered that ancient tradition. The previous 16 years the image remained guarded in the office of the then director of the Municipal Museums, Mercedes Valverde. The invocation of the Virgin of Health initially also incorporated the term of the Fountain because it was originally linked to a well.

The cars from the 10th Exhibition of Traditional Carriages participated in the aforementioned parade, which also held their annual carousel this Saturday at the Alcázar of the Christian Kings. The itinerary passed through Avenida de los Custodios, Ronda de Isasa, the Miraflores bridge and park, the Arenal bridge, the fairgrounds, arriving at the Municipal Booth around two in the afternoon, and subsequently to the cover.

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