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Governor requests presence of two ministries before taking over the Maicao aqueduct

The treatment plant is without a drop of water

A worrying situation has arisen at the intake from where the water consumed by the maicaeros is obtained, which is blocked by the population of the township of Carraipia since last May 10 as a protest against the high cost of energy service and the new digital system that has been implemented Air in the small town.

The governor of La Guajira, Jairo Aguilar Deluque through your X account “urgently requests the @mindefensa, @PoliciaColombia and @MinInterior for their immediate presence in the face of the illegal seizure of the Maicao aqueduct. “With water, no one can get in, especially in our apartment!”

Jairo Aguilar

The statement was made by the ruler of the Guajiros at the end of the afternoon of this Friday, May 17, indicating that, “This situation has left the inhabitants of the municipality without access to water, generating a high risk in their lives and well-being.”

Aguilar Deluque specifies that, “To date, the necessary means of dialogue with the protesters to solve the problem have been exhausted, therefore, we find it necessary to request their presence. Nobody plays with the water supply, we are not going to tolerate it.”

There have been many meetings with the purpose of reaching an agreement, but it has not been possible, because the Maicao mayor’s office He cannot find a way out of the difficulty, with the governor having to intervene.

Adding to the problem with the energy company is that the Carraipiunos do not want to continue consuming the water supplied by Aguas de la Peninsula, because it is obtained through a well that is brackish and not from the Jordan River, this being a tributary of their property, but they supply that water to the inhabitants of Maicao.



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