First Public Table of the PAE 2024 in Nariño establishes guidelines to improve school feeding

The Departmental Secretariat of Education held the first public table of the 2024 School Feeding Program, a participation space that seeks to provide guidelines for the implementation and monitoring of the operation of the program in the territory.

The PAE provides a food supplement that contributes to access, permanence, reduction of absenteeism and well-being of students during the school calendar, promoting healthy eating habits that contribute to the achievement of complete educational trajectories with quality results.

In this space, the Government of Nariño shared how the “Nariño Region, Country for the World” Development Plan contemplates the expansion, restructuring and improvement of the PAE, guaranteeing quantity, quality, nutrition and safety, with cultural identity and focus. differential, facilitating public purchases of smaller-scale production.

The table included the participation of municipal officials, representatives of citizen oversight offices, education coordinators, teaching directors, parents and other program actors, with whom concerns were resolved about the proper functioning, local public purchases, the technical standards that must comply with the dietary supplement, operator supervision, among others.

Source and photo: Government of Nariño


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