The former mayor working with the mayor for the good of Paipa, his land #Tolditos7días

The former mayor working with the mayor for the good of Paipa, his land #Tolditos7días
The former mayor working with the mayor for the good of Paipa, his land #Tolditos7días

The image that many wanted to see in Paipa: the former mayor of Paipa and today Manager for the Regions of the departmental government, Yamit Noe Hurtado and the current president of this municipality, Germán Ricardo Camacho, working side by side, regardless of their political differences and the wounds that were opened in last year’s campaign.

It occurred in the recent technical visit carried out this Friday by the departmental government and the municipal government to works of great importance for the so-called Tourism and Hotel Capital of Boyacá, which remain unfinished, but will be delivered between this year and mid-2025.

Hurtado Neira arrived with a directive given by Governor Carlos Amaya, “to finish the works that are unfinished in Paipa.” In this way, the Troncal del Carbón road will be completed, a new road artery that is more than two kilometers long and of which only 60 meters are missing due to geological instability.

An additional announcement this Friday is that the Armando Solano school will be completed and that by next August at the latest it will be delivered to the service of the students. Another piece of good news for the people of Paipa is that the platforms of 25th Street, the most important street in Paipa, will end in both directions, the same one that leads from the center of the municipality to the hotel and swimming pool sector.

Likewise, they will complete the work on the market square, which will end up being the most modern in the department. And additionally, the construction of the El Salitre aqueduct will be completed, a very important sector of the municipality.

This episode should serve as an example for the entire department. Those internal fights only hurt the people themselves.


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