Electro-energy situation in the country and its impact on Villa Clara

Electro-energy situation in the country and its impact on Villa Clara
Electro-energy situation in the country and its impact on Villa Clara

Regarding the national electro-energy situation, and how much it affects our province, the highest authority of the Party here said that at dawn this Saturday Villa Clara has withdrawn 65% of the necessary energy.

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“Since last May 5, there have been generation problems, which increases the number of hours of electrical damage and the breakdown of the usual programming blocks,” explained Colina Rodríguez.

“To the planned maintenance of the country’s generating units, the lack of fuel and high temperatures that affect the generation equipment and consumption have been added,” he added.

“Until the month of April we had had a different behavior, we had a better capacity for maneuver, but since the 5th of this month, with the notable deficit, we have not been able to comply with the usual rotation established in previous months,” he pointed out.


The member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in Villa Clara said that the affected blocks created revolve around 44-48 MW each.

Regarding the strategy that the territory will implement in the midst of this tense situation, Colina Rodríguez expressed that based on studies with experts from the UCLV, ONURE, the electrical office, and opinions of the people, three possible variants have been modeled to face said atypical scenario, from the most favorable to the most critical.

«From there a complex scenario was established in which 70% of the territory’s load would be outside the system, that is, only 30% of the province with service. In the next few days three generating units, two from Mariel and one from Nuevitas, must enter the national electroenergy system, which can alleviate and improve, although it must be taken into account that others may go out of service due to some technical problem due to their obsolescence. technological,” he clarified.

«Despite this difficult situation, specialists continue to prioritize the rehabilitation of the service to those areas with the most hours of damage, despite the fact that our province is one of the most complex in terms of energy consumption, in addition to being a territory that does not generate large amounts of electricity,” explained Colina Rodríguez.

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In Cuba, the largest electrical generators are located in the East and West, so our territory, like the entire center of the country, constitutes a distribution bridge and then depends on the capacity of those geographical areas.

However, the photovoltaic parks that are gradually being installed on Villa Clara lands will contribute to a greater or lesser extent to the relief of the National System, especially those that have the capacity to accumulate energy, although these would cover the entire day, or that is, when there is sun.

The affected blocks created revolve around 44-48 MW each, but Villa Clara has unique national companies of their type in the country, which cannot be affected due to their importance, for example the Electrochemical of Sagua la Grande, the Polygraph, so these areas of the so-called industrial block are partially, but not totally, affected.

In that sense, circuits such as number 3, in Santa Clara, constitute one of the least affected, because it includes regional servers such as those of the ETECSA telephone system, the servers of the provincial banking system, just to mention a few. and turning it off would bring about a greater crisis in key sectors of the people’s lives, clarified the first secretary of the Party in the territory.

In the midst of this panorama, Colina Rodríguez called for us to organize ourselves from neighborhoods, communities, companies and organizations with the aim of avoiding criminal acts, which have occurred and may occur in this type of scenarios conducive to this.

“Although the times are very difficult, we are experiencing a very difficult period with the annoying blackout accompanying us, we cannot ignore the protection and conservation of the resources we have, in wineries, warehouses and other entities,” he emphasized.

During the appearance it emerged that in the worst scenario the effects would be up to 8 hours of blackout, depending on the load present in the province, and three hours with service, a variant that must be established starting next Monday, with an improvement during this weekend.

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Given this situation, Governor Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas explained that all state entities are turned off, only those prioritized ones mentioned by the first secretary in his speech remain in full operation.

Sánchez Armas thanked the hard work of the Electric Company’s Load Dispatch professionals, who were attentive to the situation for 24 hours.

To support the people, the production and sale of food has been established, especially in those communities most affected by the deficit, not only due to demand but also due to breakdowns, which is not enough but is alleviating a percentage of this situation. .

“The increase in the production of bread and its sale in neighborhoods and residential areas, as well as the provision of facilities for charging household appliances in entities that have plants and generating sets, has been a priority indication of the Villa Clara Government,” he argued. .

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Regarding state transportation, the governor reiterated the measure established several days ago, regarding the mandatory nature of its provision of services at pick-up points and stops, with the aim of helping the transfer of the population.

“We listen to the opinions of the population, we will always be attending to their requests for the decisions that we have to make in the face of this complicated scenario that we are experiencing,” said the governor.

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In the midst of these difficult circumstances, “Villa Clara has continued to be supportive, among neighbors, among co-workers, and that is one of our principles, of the Cubans’ ways of living and doing, and we cannot lose that, because It is also part of what defines us as a people in the face of any complicated scenario that we have faced throughout history,” said the member of the Party’s Central Committee and its first secretary in the province of Osnay Miguel Colina Rodríguez.

“We will continue to put our scarce resources, as always, into the most urgent things, hospitals, funeral services, food processing centers, to try to ensure that, in the midst of this complexity, the scenario is not worse,” said the highest party authority in the territory.

“In Villa Clara there is no rest, thinking, working and doing, despite complex days and days to come that will continue to be difficult, we will continue working and we will manage to get out, like other times, of this tense moment,” he emphasized.

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Today and always trust, we must be more together than ever. That was the message transmitted by both Villa Clara authorities during the appearance this Saturday. The provincial radio network broadcast this special program, with CMHWLa Reina Radial del Centro, as the parent plant, with Real Audio service https://www.cmhw.cu/

You can also listen to our station from the Teveo channel https://teveo.cu/live/audio/BRrUwEVzQJ5gKDvb

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