Medium-length film was recorded and produced in Cúcuta

The ocañero director Joan Sebastian Ascanio Paba he surprises us once again with his latest cinematographic creation, ‘Gente de Bien’, the third installment of his bold ‘El Tibio’ trilogypreceded by the hits ‘Don Tibio’ and ‘Words of a Woman in Love’.

On this occasion, Ascanio Paba immerses us in a surreal and humorous journey that challenges conventions, with a duration of approximately 50 minutes and the participation of about 30 talentsboth local and international.

The medium-length film, conceived and produced by Ascanio Paba, who not only directs but is also screenwriter, producer, musician and editor of the project, explores the dark universe of those who defend authoritarianism from their daily lives. With a touch of black moodinvites viewers to closely examine these characters, whose prejudices hold them together in a perverse dance of egos and ambitions.

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“I added a lot of black humor, so that the viewers do not identify with them but rather the analyze coldly“Well, everyone gets along badly, but they insist on being together masochistically because of their own prejudices,” said the director.

With a diverse cast, where the majority of the talents are from Norte de Santander, the performances of Antonio Manuel Campaña, from Spain, and Arisandy García, from Mexico. Campaña, a virtuoso flamenco guitarist, and García, a talented script editor, bring their creativity and experience to the project.

A distinctive feature of the production is the use of voice dubbers for each character, adding an additional layer of complexity and dynamism to the narrative. The main actors, such as ‘Vinicio’ played by Andrés Carvajal and ‘Sergio’ performed by Luis Bautista, along with special performances by Salomé Acosta, Lucía Palacios and Gerson Ramírez immerse the viewer in a whirlwind of emotions and reflections.

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In the director’s own words: “In the production we have different accents from Norte de Santander, we find dialects from Catatumbo, from the city (Cúcuta), some more urban, others a little more from the countryside. We wanted to portray the cultural diversity what’s in the department. The folding detail was to show people something truly clean. “We wanted to create an atmosphere from scratch.”

The recordings of ‘Gente de Bien’ took place in various settings in the department, from the emblematic parks La Victoria (Colón) and Nicolás Colmenares (La Canasta), to homes borrowed for filming, which enhances the authenticity and organicity of the production.

“This was something to be proud of because everything people see on the screen is real, we don’t build sets, We didn’t even record in the studio, everything was organic and authentic,” said the artist.

With this production, Joan Ascanio invites you to immerse yourself in his cinematographic universe, where the psychedelia intertwines with dark humor to explore dark human motivations.

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To make the medium-length film more local, the soundtrackby artists from Cúcuta, covers a variety of genres such as boleros, electronic, vallenato and pop, reflecting the cultural richness of the people of Norte Santander.

With ‘Gente de Bien’, Ascanio Paba challenges the public to look beyond their own perceptions and prejudices, inviting us to reflect on the complexities of the human condition in a world dominated by ambition and selfishness. This masterpiece promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that will captivate all those who venture into its intriguing universe.

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