Look at these colorful giants that paraded through Bariloche and added their charm

The festival of Walking Puppets It started in 2000 to celebrate the anniversary of Bariloche and little by little, it gained space until it imposed itself on the cultural agenda. The 24th edition was launched on the weekend of May 11, with eight puppet works from six companies for all ages. Also with workshops for educators, families and children and, even the presentation of the book “Threads, gloves and illusions”, by Flavio González. But this year had a peculiarity.

He traditional parade down Miter Street was suspended For climatic reasons, only the puppet plays and workshops could be enjoyed on the weekend of May 11. But parade moved to this weekend and today it could be enjoyed in full color.

This year’s motto was ««»Diversity complements and enriches us«. Years ago, the organizers chose themes linked to magical beings, but over time, they selected situations that affected the community. «This year, the theme is diversity, thinking about empathy, looking at others, recording them and seeing what enriches us from that diversity, from the fact that we are different. It’s about seeing what each one can contribute to the whole,” he explained. Nancy González, one of the organizers and member of Andariega Producciones.

Marcelo Martinez / Patagonia.

Today more than 25 schools, kindergartens, murgas and organizations They were part of the traditional parade. Like every year, the Murga del Tomate (CreArte School) led the long column that crossed Miter Street. He followed him CDI Pudú Pudú with his creation A crazy doorfollowed by the Dulce de Leche nursery garden and his Olivia Caterpillarwhich transforms into butterflies.

From the Colored Moon Garden Foundation presented Our Earth planet, embraced by diversity and Don Bosco Garden (4 and 5 year old rooms) were accompanied by Elmer the elephant. He followed the Diversity Totem of the Special School No. 6 Yampai and Early Years paraded with Apapachadora.
The School No. 190 “Modesto Inacayal” (Ñirihuau) were accompanied by Pachamama and the School No. 329 they marched alongside Manke ñi Wenüy (Friendly Condor), closing that group followed the Amancay Children’s Center with Fall.

The Home School No. 231 of Pichi Leufu It is the first time they participate and they bring a multiplicity of puppets that are one at the same time. The Virgen Misionera Elementary School (2nd and 3rd grade) showed their Two-headed serpent dragon with a fish tail and rainbow wings. He Dante Alighieri Institute (1st A and B) showed Bambinaan Italian-Argentine girl who represents the communion of both nations, while the Patagonian Higher Institute (2nd and 3rd grade) took their World with its diversity and a tide of people. He Qmark School (6th grade) presented to Backpacking guanaco and is also celebrating the 10th anniversary. The School 48 (4th to 7th) they paraded with their Dragon with folder and collage of recycled fabrics and the School 44 “Puerto Moreno” (6th grade TM and TT) they showed Wonka. He San Esteban School (primary) carried two giants: The boy from the blue world and Miss Inclusion and the 5th degrees of College of the Sun They paraded with their loved ones MONSTERS never seen before. From Ecos-Hueche introduced to Carlos Harry Fulgencio Potterthe young Patagonian apprentice of magic and sorcery.

Marcelo Martinez / Patagonia.

The School 267 “Ceferino Namuncurá” introduced Elmer the Elephant, a storybook character, while the Primary School 325 «Ayelén Lihuen» They paraded with their Alebrijensis patagonicus. Giving rhythm and heat to the march was La Nube percussion – Samba reggae. This year the Bariloche Cultural Front (FRECUBA) with him Grumo Group They were part of this parade and read an Open Letter in defense of the rights of access to culture.

Schedule Sunday 19:

The activities continue tomorrow, Sunday 5/19, like this:

-5 p.m.: Babka And the Great Journey to the Little Book.

Inc. Palindrome. Clown and puppets. 55′. ATP
SUM Dina Huapi (Los Notros 555)

-5 p.m. Where is borondongo?

Inc. The soul on a thread
Puppets. Four. Five’. ATP
Bariloche Arts and Music Campus (Musical Camping – Vivaldi s/n)

Find the complete programming at https://www.titeresandariegos.ar/

Marcelo Martinez / Patagonia.
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