Kicillof said that Milei “is producing an indiscriminate increase in poverty”

Axel Kicillof, Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, was in charge of closing today the plenary session of the Multisectorals called “The Homeland is not for sale” and launched harsh criticism against President Javier Milei, whom he accused of producing “an indiscriminate increase in poverty.”

Faced with the militancy, the Buenos Aires president did not spare any questions about the national government, ensuring that “since the current head of state took office,”twenty points increased indigence and poverty for boys, girls and adolescents in the province of Buenos Aires«.

«It is not producing a revolution that will lead us to a better country, it is producing an indiscriminate increase in poverty”said Kicillof.

During the activity, a document called “Pact with the people” was read, with ten central points and more reproaches to the “Defective state that does not fulfill its obligations«said the former Minister of Economy.

Kicillof asked the president to stop “lying and continuing to insist that this is the panacea, what is going to save us is the usual adjustment and it is breaking the back of the people.”

He also made reference to the meetings that he held this week with the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torresand that of Santa Fe, Maximiliano Pullaroto affirm that the current libertarian administration leads towards “national dissolution and every man for himself.”

“Listen carefully because this is the feeling of the province of Buenos Aires: we are going to offer our solidarity to the Argentine provinces, we are not going to accept national dissolution and every man for himself,” said Kicillof.

Present were the deputy general secretary of Truckers, Pablo Moyanothe vice governor of Buenos Aires Veronica Magariothe mayor of Ensenada, Mario Seccothe Minister of Community Development of the province of Buenos Aires, Andres Larroquethe Minister of Government of the Province, Carlos Bianco and the mayor of La Matanza, Fernando Espinoza.

Kicillof once again charged against the May Pact: “it is signing Milei’s platform”

Furthermore, the governor once again raised his rejection of the May Pact proposed by the Executive. “We had said at the beginning of May that if it was for a photo or marketing, just start. Now it seems that there won’t even be a photo,” he noted.

This is not a pact, they want us to sign the Milei platform and, to be clear, we do not agree with those ideas. So no way. They never called us or listened to us and now they want us to go and sign,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kicillof expressed: “It seems that it is not even going to be in May, they are going to pass it. I suggest a date, because of the content it has, why don’t they call for July 4? It is not an agreement and it is not from May.”

Source: Argentine News
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