Legislators from Despierta Chubut contributed funds from the monthly diet to three schools

Legislators from Despierta Chubut contributed funds from the monthly diet to three schools
Legislators from Despierta Chubut contributed funds from the monthly diet to three schools

This week, the provincial deputy of the Despierta Chubut bloc, Leonardo Bowman, traveled to the town of Lagunita Salada to meet with the director of School No. 117, within the framework of the contribution that official legislators make monthly to different educational establishments.

It comes from the deputies of the block who occupy official housing, and every month, a percentage of said figure is awarded to an institution in the province, as happened in March with the Agrotechnical School No. 740 of Trevelin, which received a million pesos.

The decision of the ruling bloc is part of the austerity policy promoted by the provincial Executive, from which Governor Ignacio Torres had also anticipated, at the beginning of his administration, that he would donate his salary.

In dialogue with EL CHUBUT, Bowman – a reference for the plateau – mentioned that “I met with the director of the institution, who agreed to share the contribution with the schools in the jurisdiction of the rural commune” and added that he also took held a meeting with the communal chief Pedro Goyeneche, and with the president of the school cooperative, “who received the funds and agreed on the idea of ​​sharing it proportionally to the number of students with the neighboring school villages.”

Likewise, the deputy specified that the Lagunita Salada school cooperator “is one of the first five in the province, which even today continues with the indispensable task of supporting school support to guarantee good academic development of the students.”

Likewise, Bowman maintained that the tour “covered the area of ​​the central plateau, passing through the schools of El Escorial, Yala Laubat and Lagunita Salada, due to the delivery of the rental fund for official housing occupied by the deputies of the Despierta Chubut bloc. , which in this case will have three rural schools as beneficiaries.

To this, he added that “the amount will be used by the directors according to some needs that they have to cover” and said that “during the visit I took the opportunity to meet with teachers and hear how the situation is in building matters and some other concerns; “The three schools are operating normally, in fact I arrived while the three establishments were teaching classes, so I was able to share part of the day with the educational community in the area.”


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