About twenty thousand people have already visited the second edition of Casa FOA

FOA House It is an exhibition that Argentine Ophthalmological Foundation It has been carried out in our country since 1985 and whose funds are destined for ophthalmological research, training and development. It brings together architecture, design and art studios, which work together to show the public the extensive production that our country has in this field.

For the second consecutive year, a federal edition of Casa FOA takes place in the city of Córdoba – the only province in the interior of the country in which it takes place – from May 3 to June 2.
The goal is to think about life in contemporary cities, highlighting design solutions for the spaces we inhabit.

The event – ​​which takes place in Pocito (from the developer Proaco), located between the Güemes neighborhood and Nueva Córdoba – has the participation of more than 39 spaces and about 4,700 square meters of exhibition that include a shop, a cafeteria and an auditorium.

In dialogue with CORDOBA PROFILE, Juan Ibarguren –who along with Diego Maldonado Junyent run Casa FOA Córdoba – was very enthusiastic about the influx of the public and the offer of each of the spaces.
“Since we opened the doors, about twenty thousand people have passed by, more than last year. Taking into account the economic situation, this is not a minor fact and exalts the work of these 39 studies that are here today. We have overcome moments of great uncertainty because we confirmed the realization of Casa FOA in December of last year, when the new government took office, with economic problems brought from the previous mandate and with problems that the economy also has today. None of that was foreign to us, luckily the support of the sponsors has been absolute,” Ibarguren details.

For the organizers, the first federal edition of the expo (held last year in Springs) marked a strong landing of Casa FOA in the local square with an attendance of more than forty thousand people throughout the entire event and a high level of exposure, recognized by a panel of experts.

“The idea of ​​bringing FOA to Córdoba arose from the affection and friendship that unites us with Diego, we are both part of an Ophthalmological Chamber and we thought it was important to hold this expo in Córdoba. Because we also had the peace of mind of the level of exhibitors; Here we have a great asset for universities, both public and private, and design careers. In Córdoba there is a critical mass that we estimated was going to give results with a sample at the level it deserves and it is being really fabulous,” he says.

The organization also focused on making the event as federal as possible: “Being in Córdoba makes it attractive to many places in the country that do not attend Buenos Aires. And that is happening. In the first days the influx of public was markedly from provinces that had not come last year.”

JUAN IBARGUREN. “This second federal edition of Casa FOA has great talent and creativity from the designers of all spaces.”

Tickets. Taking into account the situation the country is going through, another objective was to make an effort to make entry to the exhibition accessible: “We have set a very affordable entry fee. In the world, entering an exhibition of this nature costs about 30 euros. Last year when we disembarked we made the same effort so that it would not be so onerous. Admission costs $6,500, a value that we believe is appropriate for attending as a family.”

In this sense, they highlight that the premise was, in addition to raising funds for the Foundation, to maintain the level of design that traditionally characterizes Casa FOA. “As people from Córdoba, we also have an additional incentive, which is to bring proposals that contribute to culture, science and art and that society has access to develop and grow in aspects that not only have to do with the maelstrom and madness. economic situation that we struggle with every day.”

The tour of the two floors on which Casa FOA is located (in addition to the ground floor) combines the exquisiteness of the design applied to the different spaces of a home with art pieces by renowned artists such as Roger Mantegani either Martin Enricci.

In fact, the art gallery is located on the first floor. Maria Wondawhich in collaboration with Surge Storerecreate a space in which pictorial pieces coexist with contemporary furniture design objects.

There, you can see works of Luis Wells, Marcelo Bonevardi, Maria Parmo, Jose Benito, Nora Iniesta, Diego Arrascaeta, Ike Tashiro and Carlos Crespo.

In this regard, Ibarguren indicates that the great distinctive thing is that it is an exhibition designed in a plural and integrative way towards the interior of the country: “Coming to FOA is not only coming to see furniture but the whole: design, architecture and art. And how it is combined with creativity and the reason for living in the city. Here you will find designers and artists from Rosario, Tucumán, La Rioja, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero. “Each space has different works of art designed in conjunction with the furniture.”

EXHIBITORS CASA FOA CÓRDOBA. Almost 40 studies were selected by a jury of notables.

Lu Yorlano & El Lolo awarded

Like every year, Casa FOA distinguished the best spaces participating in the exhibition in different categories.

In this edition, the award for Best Artistic Installation it was for Lu Yorlano and The Lolowho participated with an anamorphic mural located in Space 27 (first floor).

The work, ‘Deferred Planes’, seeks to reflect the multiplicity of planes that form reality and “was made using the anamorphism technique, in which from a specific point the work can be seen in a sense faithful to the design, while moving through the The hallway where the piece is located begins to deform and take on new, unforeseen shapes,” explains Yorlano.

Work Lu and El Lolo

DEFERRED PLANS. The work was carried out by the two artists in a kind of tunnel that visitors can go through.

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