Minister Vallejo: “We always had an agenda and commitment to security”

Minister Vallejo: “We always had an agenda and commitment to security”
Minister Vallejo: “We always had an agenda and commitment to security”

The Minister General Secretary of the Government, Camila Vallejodefended the measures taken by the Executive in the fight against crime in a context of strong criticism from the opposition and the results of surveys that show a high sense of insecurity in the country on the part of citizens.

In conversation with the media “The South“, the authority indicated that although “We always had an agenda and commitment to security”, once in La Moneda, “We had to strengthen ourselves by incorporating more measures.”

“When we arrived at the Government we realized that the police did not even have vehicles to move around. When we talk about reforming and modernizing the institution, we aim to ensure that they have the capabilities at the height of the 21st century so that they can go out into the streets to confront violence and organized crime.“Detailed Minister Vallejo.

This is how he added that “we were dizzy for a long time with easy recipes, which made good headlines and were strengthened in terms of elections. The typical phrase of ‘criminals, the party is over’, but little of substance and concrete“.

“What we had to do, and I think it makes a lot of sense to us, is that the security agenda is not the heritage of the conservative sectors of our country, but it is an agenda of fundamental rightsand that it must be delved into from the State’s point of view,” he said during the interview.

Finally, the minister explained that “something that may bother some, but that has a lot of truth: I prefer someone who is critical of the Carabineros institution, but who with concrete actions does much more to strengthen it and improve its work and operational, than someone who is complacent with the institution and does little and nothing with its strengthening. We as a Government, feel more identified with the first group“.


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