An attractive billboard in Tocando al Frente

An attractive billboard in Tocando al Frente
An attractive billboard in Tocando al Frente

The second edition of the popular music festival will be held on the 24th at the Las Cañas property, organized by Los Porqueteros. Solidarity contribution.

“This is a new festival, the first time was in 2023 and in this second edition we aim to improve the previous experience with more artists. We have extended the call to NOA musicians. For us, these kinds of spaces are greatly needed. Generating it is very satisfactory because we accommodate colleagues who need time on stage with massive and disseminated proposals.”

Thus, Julio Cossio took on the voice of Los Porqueteros to announce the second Tocando al Frente peña, which will take place on Friday the 24th. Like last year, the Las Cañas de Yerba Buena venue (Bascary and Perón Avenue) was chosen to host the music that It will begin at 6 p.m. and conclude at dawn, with a predominance of the folkloric genre by the hosts and other artists from the region, reserving for the closing the popular dance party that Los Bichirris promises.

THE BICHIRRIS. The popular music band is once again part of the event.

Apart from Los Lugares, zambas, chacareras, gators and other rhythms will be contributed by Los Biguases, Sangre Mansera, Los de Jujuy, Sofia Solomon, Joshua Escudero, Colo Wilde and Nico Ramosin a nuanced journey with different expressive forms, both traditional and contemporary.

old and new

Cossio has shared a group since its foundation with Camilo Soaje and Diego Trejowho joined Augustine Old Good. “Los Sitios are going to take a tour of more than 20 years of career, with a walk through all our classics and new songs that we added to the band’s repertoire and that we released last year and in 2022,” he anticipated.

The musician in charge of the organization highlighted that a part of the tickets will be to collaborate with the solidarity work carried out by the Province’s Benevolent Society. “We want to support that noble cause,” he remarked.

From that entity, Career Aid He appreciated the contribution since a percentage of the tickets sold by the association (they estimate that their group will only be able to place about 1,000, of the more than 8,000 attendees expected) will be to increase their coffers: “you can communicate with Anselmo Rojo , with the Church of San Roque or with any member of the Society, and we bring them to their home, in a cultural delivery.” “It is a great help and a tremendous collaboration. Last year was a total success, with the entire family present. Children under 10 years old enter for free,” she stated, accompanied by Celina Larrabure.

The proposal is sponsored by numerous firms in the province, and there is a special promotion for members of Club LA GACETA. Among the supports is that of the Tucumán Tourism Entity, which ordered the declaration of Tourist Interest for the event; its Director of Promotion and Communication, Sea Sunvindicated the work of “the entrepreneurs who bet on this type of proposals, because they strengthen the cultural life of the province and directly impact the local offer.”

SOFIA SOLOMON. The singer’s youth transcends her songs.

Gonzalo Pena (representative of Las Cañas) announced that numerous gastronomic stalls and entertainment for minors will be installed in the space, and defended the “importance of supporting this type of large-scale events, which values ​​tradition and folklore; It is going to be a complete experience, designed for the whole family to have fun.”

“The idea is to start after office style, to leave work and go to the festival that will start on time with great artists,” he said.

On this occasion, the festival (whose name refers to the artistic space that Los Porqueteros had in Barrio Norte) will serve as a vigil for the May 25 holiday, for the first cry for freedom in 1810, a date that will be received by singing the National Anthem among all present.

Club LA GACETA members have 20% discounts on tickets

On the website tickets are sold for the great popular music festival Tocando al Frente on Friday the 24th, which will serve as a vigil for the national holiday for the May Revolution. Club LA GACETA members have a 20% discount. You can also reserve on WhatsApp at 381-5137393 or on the social networks of the event and Los Porqueteros.

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