They ask that Jaldo withdraw the bill

They ask that Jaldo withdraw the bill
They ask that Jaldo withdraw the bill

Directors of the NOA Citrus Association reject the initiative submitted by the EP to the Legislature.

Directors of the Argentine Northwest Citrus Association (Acnoa) sent a note addressed to the governor, Osvaldo Jaldo, to request him to take the corresponding steps to withdraw the bill presented to the provincial Legislature to create the Lemon Promotion Institute (IFL) .

The text was signed by José Domínguez, vice president of Acnoa in charge of the presidency, and by Fernando Carrera, secretary of the business entity.

Acnoa representatives indicated that the board of directors of that institution “was not aware of the request presented” to the head of the Executive Branch, in which “conductive tools were required to alleviate the current situation” that the citrus sector is going through.

“The concepts of the note were not treated within the bodies of our institution, which is why we request that you withdraw the bill submitted to the Legislature for treatment,” expressed Domínguez and Carrera.

In addition, they guaranteed that they will continue working within Acnoa “in the construction and search for consensual solution proposals for the problems that affect our activity.” “On behalf of our institution, we appreciate all your efforts and apologize for the inconvenience that this situation has caused to the authorities involved, who have also demonstrated good intentions in collaborating with the citrus sector in these difficult times,” they added. .

No treatment

The bill for the creation of the Lemon Promotion Institute was scheduled for the last session of the provincial Chamber, held last Tuesday.

However, the text did not reach the venue, after the tensions generated in the citrus field by the provisions that contemplated the implementation of the IFL.

In the explanatory statement, the Executive Branch highlighted the need to “give sustainability to the lemon activity and maintain its leadership position in international markets.” “In recent years, the lemon sector has been suffering a constant drop in its turnover, which has meant significant losses for the private sector and the Province, with the consequent negative impact on tax collection,” the government stated.

Regarding the design of the autonomous entity, the project established its relationship with the Executive Branch through the Ministry of Economy and Production. The creation of an ad honorem board of directors with eight members and their respective substitutes was contemplated for its leadership. The presidency was reserved for the Economy and Production portfolio, headed by Daniel Abad, and the participation of representatives of the citrus industries and primary producers was contemplated.

“It is a tool to help the citrus sector. There are 50,000 direct and indirect jobs that, if the crisis continues, are at risk,” Abad had said before Tuesday’s session. And he had clarified that the initiative arose from a note from Acnoa. “They asked us for a tool that tries to articulate with the citrus sector a problem of overproduction that has been going on since 2017,” he had explained.

Before the legislative debate, representatives of the sector expressed their rejection. “Unlike what the law seeks to protect, this provision harms Tucumán and directly, and unfairly, favors other producing provinces such as Salta, Jujuy, Corrientes and other countries that compete with Argentina,” said citrus businessmen.

Given the lack of agreement, the Legislative Branch decided not to put the Executive’s project to a vote, which was pending treatment in the Finance and Production commissions. Without a date for debate, now Acnoa directors requested that Jaldo directly withdraw the file via the ticket table of the legislative body of Muñecas at 900.

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