Canine Therapists Project benefits people with disabilities in Holguín

Canine Therapists Project benefits people with disabilities in Holguín
Canine Therapists Project benefits people with disabilities in Holguín

The new Cuban Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities (ACPDI), officially established in Holguín on December 15, 2023, is already joining the innovative efforts of the province with its “Canine Therapists” project.

According to Liudmila Batista García, provincial president of the young organization, ties were strengthened with the Holguín Labrador Club and the Cuban Society of Psychology to promote therapy with dogs that promotes social interaction and the physical and language rehabilitation of children. and adults with autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities and other rare diseases.

The president points out that the project emerged in February, which plans to initially extend for six months to achieve observation by psychologists of the benefits of the treatment in a group of 20 associates.

It also states that “Canine Therapists” includes several exercises with Labrador dogs, which are recognized for their sociability and that help members of the ACPDI to improve their quality of life and comprehensive health through mobility assistance, emotional support, sensory stimulation and therapy. occupational.

Specifically, routines with dogs include balance and coordination exercises, strength exercises, mobility exercises, sensory stimulation exercises, and socialization exercises.

Batista García assures that the organization’s board of directors in Holguín, made up of mothers of people with intellectual disabilities, is committed to expanding these actions in the rest of the Holguín municipalities.

The project, which has had the support of the health sector in terms of transportation and organization, recently attracted the attention of Lidier Águila Machado, country-level president of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers during the third edition of the Expo -Anir Solutions Cuba.

The ACPDI, according to Batista García, has the purpose of promoting the inclusive development of people with intellectual disabilities, participating and contributing together with State and Government bodies in the creation and implementation of instruments and mechanisms that allow the design of public policies, programs and projects to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of its members.

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