The PRO votes for its leadership in Río Negro, with eight ballot boxes throughout the province

The PRO will vote this Sunday for party authorities in Río Negro, with more than 3,700 members and two enabled lists.

Both are led by legislators and seek to lead Mauricio Macri’s party in the Province: the president of the PRO bloc, Juan Martín and Patricia Mc Kidd from Cipol, who immediately left that bench due to her differences and is an undisputed reference for deputy Aníbal Tortoriello .

Legislator Patricia Mc Kidd heads one of the lists to preside over the PRO of Río Negro. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa.

In reality, this party process will resolve the dispute between Tortoriello and Martín, presidents of the Party and the Assembly, respectively. Their confrontations go beyond the spheres of party domains.

Tortoriello decided not to run for re-election and, instead, Mc Kidd, who is a historical collaborator of his, ran. In the campaign, the national deputy stayed away and reaffirmed his partisan detachment, although the fate of his legislator will be his credit or debit.

Voters qualified for the PRO internal. Eight ballot boxes will be enabled in the Province.

The latent rivalry spread and, at Martín’s request, The PRO Electoral Board appointed former Buenos Aires legislator Clodomiro Risau – who was the party’s intervener in Catamarca – as an observer and will be in Viedma to participate in the scrutiny.

There are 3,723 voters, although it is estimated that turnout will be low due to the present lack of interest on the part of society but, essentially, due to the limited deployment of ballot boxes. There will be eight throughout the provincial territory, that is, one in each electoral circuit.

The Board in Río Negro, chaired by Andrea Correas, explained the situation in which the PRO “lacks its own physical places” and resolved a “location criterion” for the tables “in accordance with the economic and human resources available.” at the moment”.

Juan Martín presides over the PRO Assembly and presented himself to lead the Party. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

The voting locations were scheduled in Bariloche (Beschtedt No. 275), in Cipolletti (9 de Julio No. 75), in Roca (Irigoyen No. 1171), Regina (Mitre No. 334), Choele Choel (Palacios No. 370- Nicolás Avellaneda Library) , Viedma (Moreno No. 856-Retired from the Police), San Antonio (Pellegrini No. 169) and in Maquinchao (San Martin and Machin).

The PRO authorities, members of the Assembly and local leaders will be elected.

The “November 22, 2015” List – Yellow and Violet – proposes Mc Kidd for the presidency, accompanied by Efrain Ranea and María Piedrabuena. The titular members are Gabriel Giayetto, Samanta Echenique, Carlos Martínez Larrea, María Rus, Pedro Casariego, Marta Gonzalez Vitale, Aldo Zamboni, Melina Cumilaf, Nicolás Yansen, Araceli Prafil, Guillermo Mollar, Mónica Allemanni and Gastón Cirillo.

For its part, the Yellow Identity is led by Martín and includes Flavia Boschi and Fernando Dalvit as vice presidents. The list of regular members is made up of Juan Murillo, Gabriela Picotti, Enrique Saiz, Claudia Bertora, Jorge Padín, Soledad Bernardi, Rodrigo Durán, Claudia Monasterio, Guillermo Busque, Ivana Gutiérrez, Diego Alderete, Cecilia Maldonado and Marcelo Ramallo.

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