He left the burners open to try to kill his three children and commit suicide

He left the burners open to try to kill his three children and commit suicide
He left the burners open to try to kill his three children and commit suicide

In a tragic incident that occurred in the Castagnino neighborhood, a 31-year-old woman tried to end her life and that of her three children by leaving the stove burners open. gas at home. This dramatic event took place in a house on La Laura Street in Mar del Plata during the early hours of Friday.

The mother, in an apparent attempt to get her ex-partner’s attention, closed all the openings in the house and let the virus escape. gas intentionally. Her children, ages 7, 10 and 12, were in the home at the time. Fortunately, the children’s father, upon learning of the situation, quickly arrived at the scene and managed to rescue them. He had to break the door to access the house and remove the minors, who, despite having inhaled carbon monoxide, did not suffer serious damage. They were transferred to the Maternal and Child Hospital, where they received medical attention and were later discharged.

The quick intervention of the father, who was also the one who called 911, allowed emergency services to arrive in time to arrest the woman. Currently, she is in the custody of the authorities and is being investigated by prosecutor Leandro Arévalo for the alleged crime of attempted murder.

Buenos Aires Police. Photo: archive.

According to the local media 0221, The mother justified her action by claiming that her intention was for the father of her children, whom she accused of having addiction problems and having mistreated her, to assume responsibility for taking care of the children. “I wasn’t serious and I knew that my mother, who lives across the street, would come help us as soon as she saw the message,” she explained to the authorities. “I love my children, I did it to scare the father,” she added.

The detainee also claimed to be a victim of gender violence and mentioned that she had recently requested a restraining order against her ex-partner, in addition to having requested his exclusion from the home three months ago due to mistreatment.

The investigation continues under the supervision of Functional Instruction Unit No. 1. Mauricio Varela, the woman’s lawyer, has requested psychological and psychiatric evaluations for her client, the schedule for which has yet to be determined.

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