Legislators from Río Negro ask for university funds

The Legislature of Río Negro unanimously agreed to make a communication addressed to the national government in which it requests an equitable distribution of economic resources for all national universities.

Legislators from all parliamentary blocs represented in Río Negro made the decision in the final stretch of Thursday’s marathon session.

Parliament placed emphasis on the situation of the national universities of Río Negro (UNRN) and Comahue (UNCo), “with the objective of guaranteeing their operation for the remainder of the school year.”

This week controversy was generated when it became known that the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) was the only house of higher education that received a 300% increase in its funds for operating expenses. Immediately, the National Interuniversity Council, which brings together some 60 public institutions from across the country, demanded the same treatment.

On Friday, the Minister of Human Capital who has Education under her orbit, Sandra Pettovello, met with radical senators on this issue and then the organization announced that the financing of the operating expenses of all the country’s national universities will be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, universities in the region are promoting agreements and agreements with provincial and municipal governments in search of resources so as not to affect their operations. UNCo announced that it will sign an agreement with EPEN to guarantee electrical service until the end of the year at its Neuquén headquarters and will receive from Calf a reduction in its headquarters bills.


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