Milei threatens to “break the bones of the corrupt” | Declarations in Spain

Milei threatens to “break the bones of the corrupt” | Declarations in Spain
Milei threatens to “break the bones of the corrupt” | Declarations in Spain

President Javier Milei He stressed that the ruling party must “be calm” in the face of the “permanent political blockade,” while warning that it will “break the bones of the corrupt”. He ruled out changes in the Cabinet.

“We are achieving things despite politics, which not only does not accompany us, but is responsible for putting obstacles in our way, obstructing, “bet all the time on failure”said the president.

In television statements, the head of state stressed that he has a large number of pending reforms and trusted that in “sooner or later they will be achieved, with these Chambers or when they are renewed in 2025”.

In that sense, he stressed that before taking office he had already prepared for “a permanent lockdown scenario” by the opposition. “We have to be calm, although we would like things to go faster”he added.

“The only thing I expect from traditional politics is misery, blockade, obstacles in the wheel, cheating”He launched.

When asked if he supported the call for the May Pact, the President recalled the words of the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, about the possibility of postponing it until next month. “If it won’t be in June, it will be in July. It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later the structural reforms will take place”he indicated.

In addition, he rejected the criticism of his predecessor, Alberto Fernández, and ironicized about “the wonder he left behind” in economic terms. “We are cleaning up the messes he left behind”he deepened, while complaining that he inherited “social indicators worse than those of 2001.”

When referring to the raids carried out on social groups for alleged irregularities in soup kitchens, Milei highlighted that the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello, “He is doing something wonderful, which is taking the mask off Peronism, which created poor people to turn them into slaves”.

“He’s not going to get tired. He likes to expose these squirts, he loves it. “It is in their DNA to unmask these criminals.”he remarked.

Milei was satisfied with his measurements and stated that “the formula is working successfully”at the same time that he stated that his “characteristic is to go to the bone in everything.”

Returning to the raids on social groups, he launched: “In this I am going to break the bones of the corrupt”.

Finally, he anticipated that on May 27 he will travel to the American city of San Francisco: “We are going to have meetings with all the leaders on technological issuesincluding (Meta CEO Mark) Zuckerberg.”

Activities in Spain

As part of his visit to Madrid, the President met with businessmen from Spanish companies in a meeting organized by the Argentine Embassy in Spain.

The meeting, in which the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, also participated, took place at the residence of the Argentine ambassador to Spain, Roberto Bosch.

The event was attended by authorities of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and executives of the country’s main companies, including Santander, Telefónica, Abertis, BBVA, Día, Iberia, Naturgy, Mapfre, Ecoener, Rothschild & Co España, UNIR, AB Living; Consello Group and UNIR.

In this framework, the president spoke about the current economic situation in Argentina and the Government’s policies to address crucial challenges such as fiscal deficit, inflation and poverty.

According to the Government, the libertarian “highlighted the proactive actions that are being carried out to attract more foreign investments, highlighting the commitment of its administration to improve the business climate and ensure the legal security necessary to operate in Argentina”.

“The participating businessmen exchanged views on the situation of their sectors and expectations regarding the changes that were taking place in Argentina, expressing their interest in exploring new investment opportunities in Argentina. motivated by the course chosen by the country since the beginning of the Presidency of Javier Milei and the guarantees offered in terms of long-term vision, economic stability and regulatory transparency,” concluded the text released by the Casa Rosada.

Meanwhile, this Sunday, The president will participate in the right-wing Europa Viva 24 summit, organized by the party far-right VOX.

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