Nothing more social than Idacohuila • La Nación

Nothing more social than Idacohuila • La Nación
Nothing more social than Idacohuila • La Nación

The creation of the Departmental Institute of Community Action of the Department of Huila, IDACOHUILA, becomes the great step to strengthen community bases and promote local development in the department of Huila. Following the successful model implemented in 2008 in Cundinamarca, this initiative led by Governor Rodrigo Villalba Mosquera, supported and approved by the Departmental Assembly and directed by the experienced lawyer Manuel Córdoba Trujillo, is intended to empower the Community Action Boards and other social organizations.

IDACOHUILA will have the important task of executing the public policy of communal action throughout the Huila territory. This measure not only recognizes the importance of grassroots organizations in the social structure, but also gives them the ability to undertake priority contracts for their communities, such as the construction of basic infrastructure and contracts for essential services, among others.

The possession of José Manuel Córdoba Trujillo as manager of IDACOHUILA is a clear indicator of the commitment of the Government of Huila to strengthening local communities. With extensive experience in positions of public responsibility, his leadership will be instrumental in guiding the institute’s efforts and ensuring that policies and programs are implemented effectively and transparently.

The initial focus of IDACOHUILA focuses on solving social problems, such as the School Feeding Program (PAE), where it seeks to hand over the management of the program to the Parent Boards and Associations. This decentralization not only promotes more efficient management of resources, but also strengthens the link between the community and educational institutions, creating better services and surely more transparency in processes.

In addition, the institute will facilitate direct contracting with Community Action Boards and non-profit entities for smaller projects, thus streamlining processes and promoting citizen participation in public management. This measure not only promotes administrative efficiency, but also democratizes access to public resources, removing power from large mafias and handing over contracting to those who should have it.

In this space I want to recognize the great idea of ​​Governor Rodrigo Villalba, he promised it during the campaign and fulfilled it in record time, demonstrating the leadership and vision that have characterized him in his political and administrative career. But we also applaud the appointment as the first manager of IDACOHUILA of Manuel Córdoba Trujillo, an important liberal leader, a great executor (recognized by the inhabitants of Tello who have had him on two occasions as mayor), of whom I can say, is a great being. human. I am sure that in Manuel’s hands this institute will have the opportunity to positively transform the lives of Huila communities, ensuring a more prosperous and equitable future for all Huila residents.

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