CALDERÓN CÓRDOBA INJURY | Maximum uncertainty in Córdoba CF due to Calderón’s injury

CALDERÓN CÓRDOBA INJURY | Maximum uncertainty in Córdoba CF due to Calderón’s injury
CALDERÓN CÓRDOBA INJURY | Maximum uncertainty in Córdoba CF due to Calderón’s injury

Córdoba CF will experience the last day of the League in a serene way, once mathematically achieved second place in the classification of Group 2 of the First Federation after the one-goal draw achieved in Can Misses, on Saturday, against Ibiza. Now, Iván Ania’s team will only have to play the duel next Saturday, in El Arcángel, against Algeciras (7:00 p.m., FEF TV), in which nothing is played and, later, check who will be their rival in the first round. , semi-final, for promotion to Second Division A.


Unintentional injury

But this tranquility is not complete, since The good news that emerged in Can Misses was marred by the withdrawal of José Manuel Calderón from the field of play. Around the 27th minute, the Paradas player lay down on the grass of the Ibizan field in the green and white area and asked for assistance in a physical problem that arose, apparently, without any external factor. That is to say, Calderón’s injury did not come from a challenge by a rival, but from his own physical problem and, apparently, without forcing. After being treated for a few minutes by the Blanquiverde medical services, Calderón left the field of play and was replaced by Iván Rodríguez, who acted on a changed wing and was lucky enough to score the goal for Cordoba’s equalizer (1-1). The general feeling in the green and white expedition was that Calderón’s physical problem looked bad.

Calderón, during Córdoba CF’s match against Atlético Sanluqueño, in El Arcángel.

On his way out, Calderón felt his right groin with his hand in what was apparently a problem in the adductor, a puncture for which he will undergo various tests this Monday after arriving in Córdoba on Sunday at noon on the white and green expedition. It is clear that this inconsequential match against Algeciras will come in handy for the left-footed winger from Córdoba, but the big question centers on whether he will be available to Iván Ania for the weekend of June 1 and 2, dates on which he has to play the first leg of the first round for promotion to Second Division A. In principle, it does not seem very feasible that Calderón could be available in less than two weeks for that meeting, although we will have to wait for the tests that must be carried out.

The alternatives, few and difficult

Ivan AniaIn any case, they will have to think about alternatives for the area given the unlikely participation of their left-footed winger in the first match of the promotion qualifiers. The first option, obviously, would be to use Iván Rodríguez again on a changed wing, which would leave the Asturian without alternatives on both sides in case any setback arose. With Carlos Albarrán on the right and Iván Rodríguez on the left, Iván Ania would no longer have someone to rely on on the bench in case of a physical problem or expulsion. In that case, we would enter the field of innovation this season.

Calderón drives the ball during the match between Córdoba CF and Melilla, at El Arcángel.

The next option or options come from the subsidiary, although It has been months since they were abandoned by the green and white coach when Córdoba CF was at its peak performance. For both the right and left backs, Iván Ania has included in the squad and, in some particular cases, even given minutes to Adrián Vázquez, Álex López or Carlos Calero, kids from the green and white second team, some of whom are still active despite that the League for the second team from Córdoba ended a week ago. Obviously, they would not be alternatives for ownership, but there would be the possibility that one of them could join the list of those called up in the coming weeks.

Without forgetting the evaluation that will pass Adrian Castellano next Saturday against Algeciras, these options continue to be emergency, temporary and none of them weigh on a possible loss of Jose Manuel Calderon on the left side. Adrian Lapeña He even played some games on the right side before arriving at the club. Cordoba CF and, in any case, if I played in that position for a few minutes I would do so in a more than positional and testimonial way. A possible reconversion of some winger to the side is also not clear, since on the left side, for example, neither Simo nor Adilson Mendes would give the profile.

It must be remembered that José Manuel Calderón arrived in Ibiza with 2,887 minutes of competition, being the fourth outfield player with the most minutes in Córdoba CF, only surpassed by Carracedo, with 2,908, Diarra, with 2,931 and Albarrán, with 2,932 and with a big advantage over the following: Lapeña, 2,756; Adilson Mendes, 1949, or Kike Márquez, 1815.

Therefore, The alternatives for Iván Ania are more than limited in case he cannot count on José Manuel Calderón for the left wing position.either. The pending medical tests leave a setback in the air that could significantly affect the future of Córdoba CF, especially for the qualifying rounds for promotion to Second Division A.

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