Dagma crews continue cleaning the streams in the areas affected by the gale

Dagma crews continue cleaning the streams in the areas affected by the gale
Dagma crews continue cleaning the streams in the areas affected by the gale

Four crews work on cleaning and releasing plant residues, with the purpose of recovering the hydraulic capacity of the bodies of water that were affected by the gale last Wednesday.

  • Mayor Alejandro Eder accompanied the crews carrying out clearance work in the streams of commune 2.
  • Dagma begins the second phase of attention to the environmental emergency, generated by the gale last Wednesday.
  • The Mayor’s Office arranged the entire institutional offer to respond to the rain emergency in the northern urban area and in the district of Montebello.

Santiago de Cali, May 19, 2024

Mitigating the risk of a palisade, freeing the Menga ravine basin of plant residues, is the objective of the interventions carried out since yesterday by the Tree Emergency crews of the Administrative Department of Environmental Management Dagma and the CVC, in this sector of Commune 2.

After completing the work to respond to tree emergencies reported by citizens as a result of the gale last Wednesday (05/15/2024), the operational teams of Urban Flora, Risk Management and Ecosystem Conservation of the Dagma, carried out inspection tours of different streams, identifying critical points where the work of clearing and extraction of plant material was concentrated. These tasks have been accompanied by Mayor Alejandro Eder.

In this regard, the President pointed out that the entire institutional offer has been prepared to help clean, carry out this maintenance and, above all, to attend to the needs of the neighbors, “This has been a very complex tragedy and we are already reviewing it carefully so as not to suffer again.” this situation forward.”

The Mayor stated that in these cleaning tasks of the Menga ravine basin, “we must go upstream to the informal settlement sector.” He also specified that, “we need a clear housing policy that prevents the most humble population from having to resort to the formation of human settlements of incomplete development (Invasions). “This uncontrolled growth that generates deforestation and these types of contingencies cannot be allowed to continue.”

For her part, Yaneth Alegría, deputy director of Ecosystems and Umata of the Dagma, pointed out that, “since the emergency occurred, the Dagma and CVC crews have worked in a coordinated manner to provide attention to all requests for attention presented by the community. Once the emergency response has been completed, all operational capacity has been concentrated on mitigating new emergencies, through cleaning the guaduales and clearing the palisades, initially with interventions in the La Campiña ravine sector.

Jorge Narváez, leader of the Dagma Urban Flora Management Group, called on citizens to be responsible and maintain good environmental practices “The crews are working to clear the streams of plant material, but if the citizens do not help us By failing to dispose of waste in bodies of water, drainage systems can collapse again, generating floods again,” he pointed out.

In relation to the emergencies attended by falling branches and the overturning of trees during the emergency, the leader of Flora Management of the Dagma, pointed out that the mix of strong winds, the planting of trees in unsuitable locations and ignorance of the forestry manual of the city is what causes this type of emergency.

It is expected that at the end of the week the Dagma and CVC crews will be able to complete the cleaning and clearing of plant material from the streams prioritized by the Risk Management teams.

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