Neiva police destroyed explosive device

Neiva police destroyed explosive device
Neiva police destroyed explosive device

The Neiva Metropolitan Police responded to a particular situation in the Las Granjas neighborhood, where the community reported two individuals who were traveling on an NKD motorcycle and who apparently left a suspicious item in front of a dairy company.

According to Colonel Arley Gamba, deputy commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, It would be a handmade explosive device, which generated concern and anxiety in the sector, taking into account that those indicated acted in a mysterious manner.

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“It is reported through line 123, the discovery of a handmade explosive device in front of the facilities of a dairy company, which was destroyed in a controlled manner by the explosives expert personnel of the Neiva Metropolitan Police,” said the officer.

In the capital of Huila, The authorities are advancing with the material elements of evidence that allow the capture of those allegedly responsible for this event, which apparently intended to affect the integrity of the people who move through said sector on a daily basis.

Besides, The Neiva Police announced that in the park the Journalists from commune 4 of this city reported on the discovery of a suspicious object, Therefore, the authorities immediately activate a verification protocol.

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“The personnel of the new model of the Police service, criminal investigation section and canine guides, after their work and investigations, “They are able to determine that the object in question does not correspond to any explosive element.”confirmed Colonel Gamba.

So things are, The uniformed officer invited citizens not to replicate or publish information that has not been contrasted or verified by official sources, taking into account that these types of situations generate panic in the population.

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