Milei vs. Macri and Kicillof vs. Maximum

Milei vs. Macri and Kicillof vs. Maximum
Milei vs. Macri and Kicillof vs. Maximum

Wuthering Heights

Strange things happen in Córdoba, he once said. Juan Peron. In these hours the strange thing is provided by the virtual lifting of a so-called May Pact in which the Government trusted as the solution to all its problems. The presidential officials – security, protocol, spies, etc. – who had gone to that city to prepare the Pact, they stopped appearing and they cut off the phones.

There are emergencies that are more pressing to get management back on track. Necessity forced the leadership of the Government and the Senate to rush a meeting to pass the fine comb to the projects of minibus law and tax law. It will happen this Monday afternoon, in a place to be defined between the offices of Victoria Villarruel or the Casa Rosada.

Those responsible for the blocs they support will seek to smooth out the differences so that the project that the Senate deals with next week suffer the least amount of modifications. Furthermore, let these changes be accepted peacefully by the Chamber of Deputies. In that meeting the ruling party will try to defeat the UCR and PRO blocks so that they unify their differences and contribute the necessary votes. Without them, there is no opinion.

The opposition of Peronism has decided reject the two projects en bloc. That makes the radicals and the PRO the arbitrators. The objective is to have the necessary 36 votes out of the 72 totaled by the three commissions that must rule. He majority opinion is the valve that will facilitate that in the Senate there is approval in general, and that the differences in particular are digested without problems by the Government.

The worse, the better?

That the Government that boasts of having the cell phone of the Almighty depends on these animosities from the PRO and the UCR contradicts the campaign supported by the ruling party: that it is doing very well because the public loves it and because there is no opposition in sight. Wow if there is.

These stumbles do not seem to keep Milei awake, who already said that, if they do not want to vote for the law, they should not vote for it. Closer to theology than to politics, he repeats the doctrine of anarcho-capitalism of a Patrik Schumacher, the architect who imagines cities tailored to social Darwinism. This author maintains, like Rothbard and Von Mises, that systems based on fiat money inevitably fail. Crises are not solved with bailouts and easy money. We must let the crisis come.

Schumacher revolutionized a World Congress of Architects by proposing to abolish housing plans for the poorest, privatize streets, squares, public spaces and parks. This means facing politics. “Revolution comes when the political system becomes a barrier to the productive forces” Schumacher has said (see Slobodian, Quinn Crack-Up Capitalism: Market Radicals and the Dream of a World Without Democracy (New York; Macmillan, 2023).

Raise the price of Yes

The key to a successful outcome for a government that has given in to almost everything that has been asked of it in Congress is that the PRO resign the differences between Luis Judge -today an extreme official- and Guadalupe Tagliaferriwhich represents CABA, a district punished by the Executive power with the Fernández, and now with the Milei.

The growing distance between Milei and Macri It distances cousin Jorge’s management further from the government. The mess raises the price of her and Lousteau’s votes in the Senate. Lousteau already made them bite the dust by voting against the mythical DNU 70/23, which contained the Government’s most fanciful expression of wishes, and has its differences with that of the leadership of the “Peteco” Vischi bloc, which negotiated with the Government special assistance to the provinces in exchange for support.

Privatize AA, but not so much

The agreement on the fine print that will be known at Monday’s meeting will unblock the process. The government will send its negotiators, including Guillermo Francos and José Rolandi. The Senate appoints Villarroel, Bartolomé Abdala and Juan Carlos Romero, who acts as the coach of the group of 39 that dominates the chamber.

One of the modifications affects the privatization project of Airlines, a flag of extreme mileism. The Government, as long as the law is passed, has already admitted that the word should be added to this privatization “partial”. Negotiations were also successful governors of Patagoniawhich lowered the claim to have special consideration for unfavorable areas.

After lobbying with the Government, the governors of Chubut and Santa Cruz lowered the claim that the profit floor had an increase of 22% in the southern provinces to reduce the number of workers covered by that tax. The Government also admits adjustments to the RIGI to open it to national companies.

Peronists in search of an author

Peronism relies on rejection and took advantage of the former senator’s passage through the chamber Jorge Yoma. When speaking on the Senate floor he said that the chamber had to return the project to Deputiesas Joaquin V. González once did when rejecting a high budget after the deadline.

“What is coming from the Deputies?” he said. “The Deputies send a law of errata. A law of errata because the president of the Chamber of Deputies rewrote it. A law where there is doubt about who voted and who did not vote, because there were abstentions that were considered positive, there were negative votes that were considered positive and, even, there were positive votes that were not considered. A vote was held by chapters on a law that has no prior agreements. Normally, voting is done by chapter when there is consensus on the articles to be voted on. Articles that do not have prior consensus are not voted on by chapters because that is evading the possibility of discussion in particular; is to avoid the possibility of there being any negative votes. It is a legislative trap. This is what Deputies send to the Senate“.

The Union for the Homeland bench, orphans of a leader, greeted Yoma and he dedicated several hats to this legend of Rioja politics in the mouths of Oscar Parrilli, José Mayans, Juliana Di Tullio and María Eugenia Duré from Fuegian.

University lockup

The radicals and the PRO too They put things in emergency in the Deputies. Martin Menem He called an emergency meeting on Friday at sunset with the heads of friendly blocs, to outline a roadmap that will get him out of the radical trap over university funds.

The leak that the UBA and the University of Río Tercero – which appear on the Yacobittism register – could be at the head of the release of funds made break up relations on the block. Rodrigo de Loredo He was forced to request a special session of the chamber for Tuesday of this week, and he has the votes to start with a quorum because Peronism is going to catch fire. It is difficult for him to prosper with so little time.

The session was requested to vote on the summons to the Budget Commission, which rules on projects that request the replacement of funds from the Teaching Incentive and all of the universities. Menem debated with De Loredo, Karina Banfi, Maxi Ferraro, Juan Manuel Lópezand the macristas Silvia Lospennato and Alejandro Finocchiaro. They agreed to stage another stormy summit this Monday to prevent this matter from hindering all of the Government’s policy in both chambers, and returning everything to zero with a new failure of the projects.

Snubs to Macri

These frailties speed up the reorganization of forces. The most striking thing is the contrast between the preferential option of Mauricio Macri by zoom, as if the pandemic continued. He assumed the presidency of the PRO almost in secret, when his ranks asked him for some show of force. Patricia Bullrich responded with a requiem in the suburbs.

It happened at the same time when Milei made a global snub to Macri: He appeared in Madrid with the Vox extremists, who dispute votes with Mauricio’s friends from the Popular Party. Spain is going to elections to elect 30 deputies to the European Parliament and what was least convenient for José María Aznar’s party was for a dissident factor to appear in the conservative spectrum that would give visibility to the declining Vox.

The erosion of relations with Macri has repercussions on the PRO’s armored district, which is CABA. We must keep an eye on the project that cousin Jorge sent to the Legislature, to create labor courts in the City. The initiative is from the Minister of Justice Gabino Tapia, whom he brought from Vicente López.

It raises the debate for a new power in the district, which challenges the Cafiero law, which limited jurisdictions and preserved jurisdiction for the Nation. It is also a challenge to “recaldism”a pole in the Judiciary that attributes control of anti-business rulings to the Peronist labor lawyer.

In addition, it is a decoy for agreements to prosper between the district chiefs for the administration of very attractive assets. The issue is in committee, which means that it is being studied by “Tano” Angelici and today’s auditor Juan Manuel Olmos.

2027: Kicillof without plan B

In Peronism, the fight for control of the party broke out. It is an important factor in a training that has fascination with the unique list. He is not fond of inmates who dispute party positions or candidacies. The AMBA’s Peronism is at its peak, putting presidential pre-candidacies to the test.

Axel Kicillof already makes Florencio Varela sing “Kicillof Presidente.” Maximo Kirchner He went ahead one day to set the date of November 17 to elect authorities in the party in Buenos Aires. It was ratified 24 hours later by the Council, to also elect national authorities.

Kicillof has the strength of being governor of Buenos Aires, and that he beat the PRO by 22 points in 2023. But bears the weakness of not having re-election. In 2027 he either retires or contests the presidency. Nothing worse in politics than playing all or nothing.

Your name It is not in the papers of Christianity, which encourages Pedro’s Wado nomination. In the PJ there are also Peronists who wonder where Peronism is. The only one armed outside the AMBA stands out in Gildo Insfran, who it is difficult to expect to start a national career at this point. He is accompanied by governors from the North. In these undertakings you can see how Peronism is beginning to pay for having lost so many provinces. He never had so few in the last 40 years.

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