Without the “May Pact”, there is controversy in Córdoba over the eventual use of the Cabildo for a Milei event

In the sea of ​​ambiguities in which the national government navigates, the possibility of holding a partisan event in the city of Córdoba generates strong discomfort in the Municipality, since the libertarians slipped that the chosen place would be the Cabildo, a historic building that It remains virgin of political events, although it was a stage design by another liberal that ended badly: German Kammerath celebrated his triumph in 1999 in a box set up facing San Martín Square, when he displaced radicalism from the capital’s Municipality.

Once the “May Pact” has fallen, the possibility of an “anti-caste” act survives these hours, with Milei appearing from the balcony of the emblematic colonial building that depends on the Municipality commanded by Daniel Passerini.

Since his inauguration speech, Passerini marked profound differences with Milei and his economic policy: “He wants to return to the 90s, but going through 2001,” said the capital’s mayor a few weeks ago.

In his cabinet there are conflicting voices regarding the possibility of giving up the Town Hall for a libertarian rally, without institutionality. “It is a place reserved for institutional events. One thing is an event with governors, within the framework of a general agreement, beyond sharing the underlying ideas. A partisan event to celebrate an adjustment based on the liquefaction of the pensions and salaries,” said a close collaborator of Passerini.

Llaryora is alone and waits

Local libertarians admit that although “there are no indications” regarding what Milei will do on May 25 in Córdoba, they prefer that there not be an event in Córdoba. “The ‘May pact’ was to show people that politics had understood the need to reset the political system and start from scratch with a new law that lays the foundations of a new country. If the law is not there, what act we are going to do,” said a libertarian leader from Córdoba.

The Córdoba Town Hall is a place reserved for institutional events. An act with governors is one thing, a party act to celebrate an adjustment based on the liquefaction of pensions and salaries is very different.

The use of the Palace of Justice for the “May pact” had already sparked internal debates in the Judiciary: some members of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) saw an enslavement of the Executive over another branch of the State. When it became known that there would not be a signing of the pact, several members of the TSJ breathed a sigh of relief. Now the ball was in Passerini’s court.

The mayor of the city of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini.

At the Municipality they confirmed to LPO that there was no formal request for the use of the Town Hall. On the night of May 24, the traditional changing of the honor guard and the national vigil festival will take place there. During the early morning the stage is dismantled, since at 8 o’clock the flag is raised on the main mast of the city, so the assembly of a new stage should be against the clock.

Milei’s presence in the Cabildo would force Passerini to have an uncomfortable photo with the head of state, whom he openly clashed over substantive issues but also over management issues, such as transportation subsidies. Passerini suffers a decline in his image caused by the urban transportation crisis, which has a price of 700 pesos per ticket and a service that is not consistent with that value.

The City Council of Córdoba.

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