He negotiated with ex Azul’s mother

He negotiated with ex Azul’s mother
He negotiated with ex Azul’s mother

The secular team had to reach an agreement with the leadership of the Third A club, Municipal of Puente Alto.

By Jose Arias

Updated on 05/19/2024 – 18:17 CLT

Updated on 05/19/2024 – 18:17 CLT

© JAVIER SALVO/PHOTOSPORTSanta Laura will be the place where the U plays.

University of Chile He not only wants to fight for the lead in the National Championship. In parallel, the blue box will try to advance as much as possible in the Chile Cupan instance in which you already have a rival team.

In order to be excited about that trophy, which they won for the last time in 2015, the U intend to overcome the first obstacle, a rival that comes from the previous phase, in which amateur teams from Chile faced each other.

In this case, the team that the U will face will be Municipal Puente Alto, a team that comes from Third A and that eliminated Colchagua in the previous phase, tying on the visit and taking a vital victory in the Metropolitan.

The duel already has a time and date: it will be played on Saturday, June 15 at the Santa Laura Stadium. This was agreed in the middle of a meeting held with the leadership of the Cordillera Province team.

Individual leader

Of course, when it came to agreeing on the venue for the Chile Cup duel, the blue leaders realized that they would not have to talk to just anyone, but rather with the mother of a great former blue player.

This is none other than Mariana Sandoval, mother of Charles Aránguiz, who in her leadership work in the Municipal of Puente Alto, met with the people of the University of Chile to agree on the location, as indicated by the Magic account Blue.

The team from the south of Santiago will host the Independencia campus, more than 25 kilometers from the Puentealtino team’s communal reference point, its plaza. Bad business?

The truth is that the University of Chile and the Municipality of Puente Alto already have a date set and will determine who goes to the quarterfinals of the North Central Zone.


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