In Nariño they traced work routes for the benefit of migrants

In Nariño they traced work routes for the benefit of migrants
In Nariño they traced work routes for the benefit of migrants

Departmental Migrants Table in Nariño, outlined work routes that allow guaranteeing the rights of the migrant population that pass through roads of several municipalities in the south of the region.

The space led by the Secretary of Government analyzed the different effects and needs of the mixed migratory flows that pass through each of the territories that make up the route on the Pan-American Highway.

It is worth remembering that there are several illegal crossings in which the migrant population is sometimes a victim of the so-called coyoteros who extort money from men and women who want to fulfill their dreams abroad.

Through the inter-institutional articulation of the department, nation and international organizations in charge of providing immigration care, human rights, security, health, education and humanitarian care.

The authorities coordinated strategies on prevention, protection, eradication of the scourge of human trafficking, forced recruitment, xenophobia, discrimination, gender-based violence, risks and crimes associated with irregular migration.

“The departmental migrant table will seek to expand the participation of the migrant community, through the inclusion of entities made up of the migrant population with a temporary protection permit,” said the official of the Government of Nariño, Freddy Gámez.

Likewise, they will provide temporary protection to the community passing through the main roads of the municipalities of Pasto, Túquerres, Tumaco, Ipiales and Taminango.


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