In Nariño, the Police have seized 2,683 kilos of drugs so far this year

In Nariño, the Police have seized 2,683 kilos of drugs so far this year
In Nariño, the Police have seized 2,683 kilos of drugs so far this year

Through an operation carried out at kilometer 94 of the road that leads to the municipality of Samaniego, members of the Special Protection and Services Section (Sepro) carried out a significant seizure of narcotic substances.

In this procedure, a total of 500 doses of marijuana and 180 doses of bazooka were seized. These drugs were hidden inside six white slips and a medium-sized ziplock bag.

The discovery of these narcotics not only represents a serious blow to drug trafficking in the region, but also demonstrates the continuous efforts of the authorities to combat this scourge that threatens public health and safety.


From the perspective of law enforcement, these actions are crucial to weakening networks of distribution and consumption of illicit drugs, particularly in sensitive areas such as educational settings, establishments open to the public, and family integration centers.

During the course of 2024, the National Police in the department of Nariño has achieved important results in the fight against drug trafficking. According to official data, a total of 24 kilograms of bazooka and 2,839 kilograms of marijuana have been seized.


These figures reflect a strong commitment by authorities to remove these illegal substances from circulation and protect the community, especially young people, from the risks associated with their consumption and distribution.

The commander of the Nariño Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Darío Daniel Montenegro Ojeda, emphatically called on citizens to continue collaborating with the authorities by reporting activities related to drug trafficking.

“We invite all citizens to continue reporting and not allow these hallucinogens to reach the hands of our children and adolescents,” said the officer. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of citizen security as a shared commitment that requires the joint effort of society and law enforcement.


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