The government of Santa Fe begins to implement the 1000 Classrooms program

The Ministry of Education of the provincial government announced that it will begin to execute the 1000 Classrooms program, with an investment of more than $1,427 million, in 25 spaces in 13 schools at the initial, primary and secondary levels in the cities of Santa Fe and Santo Tomé.

“We are absolutely committed to learning and for this there must be, among other sensitive issues, optimal infrastructure conditions,” stressed the Minister of Education, José Goity, at the conclusion of a meeting with directors of all the institutions benefiting from this investment.

In this sense, the Minister assured that “through the 1000 Classrooms Program we are working hard to achieve this so that teachers can best develop a task as important as educating our children.”

“Valuable, humane and pedagogical,” Goity said, was the meeting with the directors of the educational institutions that will be beneficiaries of the program’s first bidding process.

With an investment of $787,418,500, 15 classrooms will be built in Santa Fe in schools Nº533, Nº599, Nº597, Nº387, Nº707 and in gardens Nº255 and Nº35.

In Santo Tomé, on the other hand, $640,411,550 will be invested to build 10 classrooms in schools No. 166 and No. 1259; and in gardens Nº356, Nº25, Nº163 and Nº112.

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Regarding the meeting with the directors of the beneficiary institutions, Goity said that “it was valuable, human and pedagogical.”

“We needed to know in detail and first-hand what their specific needs are. The first thing the report shows is the backwardness that schools show in this regard. We want to resolve it in a planned and transparent manner,” he added.

In addition, the official explained that “to plan the works to be carried out, we did a thorough school-by-school survey.”

Planning, investment and commitment

For her part, the Secretary of Coordination and Resource Management of the Ministry of Education, María Martín, assured: “1000 Classrooms is a strategic program for the Government of the Province. By express indication of Governor Maximiliano Pullaro and Minister José Goity, it is a work priority for us and that is why we are working in a very committed manner.”

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Then, regarding the bidding process, Martín anticipated that “the opening of envelopes will take place on June 4” and that the established deadlines “are linked to our planning since we are working to complete the first 250 classrooms before the 2025 school year begins.” ”.

Finally, the Secretary pointed out: “In this first tender of the Program, with an official budget of $1,427 million, we will work on 15 classrooms in the city of Santa Fe and 10 in Santo Tomé. “It represents a very important investment that goes hand in hand with the value that this Government gives to Education.”

Pride, satisfaction and gratitude

“It represents a great pride to be able to inform the educational community of our institution that we are going to have new classrooms, that we are going to be able to recover areas of the garden that were very deteriorated,” confided Gisela Combetto, vice director of Garden No. 25 Dr. José Gálvez de Santo Take. In this way, after the meeting with Minister Goity, she concluded: “Little by little we are going to get better and better. “We are very grateful for this initiative of the Province.”

On the other hand, Rita Toffolini, director of EES Orientada No. 599 of Santa Fe, celebrated “this announcement from the Ministry of Education regarding the construction of new classrooms. For us it is very important, we are extremely happy and satisfied. This represents continuing to ‘do school’ and consolidate education as a right. “We were waiting for it many years ago, we are very hopeful and anxious for the progress.”

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