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Congress of Agricultural Engineers of Córdoba: will also include the “Landscape and Environment Biennial” • Agro Verdad

Congress of Agricultural Engineers of Córdoba: will also include the “Landscape and Environment Biennial” • Agro Verdad
Congress of Agricultural Engineers of Córdoba: will also include the “Landscape and Environment Biennial” • Agro Verdad

The College of Agricultural Engineers of the Province is in the full stage of preparations and definitions for what will be the 13th Congress that will bring together active professionals, with a confirmed date and place: Wednesday, July 24, in the Yellow Pavilion of the Córdoba Fair Complex.

And the news that the meeting will have is becoming known: in addition to the large grid of speakers and specialists, technical panels and the static exhibition with the presence of companies, universities and entities, the president of the CIAPC, Walter Grunig, confirmed for Agro Verdad the realization, within the framework of the Congress, of the 4th Landscape and Environment Biennial organized by the corresponding commission within the College.

“We are adding activities and content. After intense work by the professionals involved, we are able to affirm that the Biennial will take place during the 13th Congress. We understand that it is the appropriate area, and for this a specific room will be set up in which the Biennial grid will be developed.”Grunig explained.

“Over the coming weeks we will report more details, both on what is being finalized for the Congress and for the Biennial,” indicated the CIAPC president.

Attention Phytosanitary Advisors

On the other hand, Grunig highlighted what Mónica Fraresso, the vice president of the College, also confirmed in another note for Agro Verdad: participation in the 13th Congress will be enabled as a Refresher Course for Phytosanitary Advisors who must revalidate the certification.

Mónica Fraresso: from the harvest of cracked corn to the organization of the Congress of Engineers. Agronomists

This initiative had its debut in 2023 within the last edition, and the high demand from professionals reaffirmed the decision to repeat the experience next July.

two years in a row

The president of the CIAPC also highlighted that it is the first time that the Congress is held in two consecutive years, since it was always biannual. “Last year we were surprised by the presence of a thousand professionals who overflowed the Yellow Pavilion. That is why the decision was made to do it this year, taking advantage of that momentum. The Congress is not only a technical event: it is also the meeting point for agronomists, and this massive attendance allowed an exchange that we had never had we want to promote it,” he highlighted.

The grid takes shape

Among the thematic axes already defined, the debate panel on Leafhopper (dalbulus maidis) and Spiroplasma in corn stands out, with prominent experts from Córdoba and the country, such as María de la Paz Giménez, Daniel Igarzábal, Roberto de Rossi and other invited specialists.

The analysis of the current process will be carried out by the Economist Claudio Zuchvovicki; while, for the ever elusive weather, it will come the agrometeorologist José Luis Aiello.

It has also been programmed a chapter on livestockand the confirmed exposure of Rodolfo Bongivanniin addition to spaces about new technologies and a surprise at the end in which a special guest will give it a different, emotional and energizing touch to the meeting.

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