They left an explosive device near a dairy factory in Neiva

They left an explosive device near a dairy factory in Neiva
They left an explosive device near a dairy factory in Neiva

The authorities managed to destroy the explosive, in a controlled manner, hours later – credit iStock

Moments of panic were experienced by those who remained in the Las Granjas de Neiva neighborhood, on the afternoon of Saturday, May 18, 2024. This, after some passersby noticed the presence of two suspicious individuals who were traveling on an NKD motorcycle and who They left a suspicious object in front of a dairy company.

Once the community alerted the situation, the authorities were present in the area and minutes later Colonel Arley Gamba, deputy commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, confirmed that it was a handmade explosive device.

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“The discovery of a handmade explosive device in front of the facilities of a dairy company is reported through line 123,” the officer stated.

The situation generated concern among those who remained in the Las Granjas de Neiva neighborhood – credit Neiva Mayor’s Office

As explained by local media, the situation generated concern and anxiety among the inhabitants of the Las Granjas neighborhood of the Huila capital due to the mysterious way in which the suspects acted. However, The device was destroyed in a controlled manner by explosives experts from the Neiva Metropolitan Police hours later.

Faced with this, the authorities announced that the collection of material evidentiary elements that allow the capture of those allegedly responsible for this fact has already begun. In addition, the agencies in charge are investigating whether the objective of the explosive device was to attack the people who move through said sector daily.

The device was detonated in a controlled manner – credit National Police

On the other hand, the authorities received another alert about a suspicious object in Los Periodistas park in commune 4 of Neiva, which led the agencies in charge to activate the verification protocol.

Faced with this, Colonel Gamba explained that, after the intervention of the personnel of the new model of the Police service, the criminal investigation section and the canine guides, It was determined that the object did not correspond to an explosive device.

“The personnel of the new model of the Police service, criminal investigation section and canine guides, after their work and investigations, managed to determine that the object in question does not correspond to any explosive element,” explained Colonel Gamba.

The authorities received an alert for another suspicious package in the urban area of ​​Neiva – credit REUTERS

The authorities stressed the importance of not spreading unverified information on social networks, as this can generate unnecessary panic in the population. Likewise, Colonel Gamba called on citizens to avoid replicating information without comparing it with official sources.

“I invite citizens not to replicate or publish information that has not been contrasted or verified by official sources, taking into account that these types of situations generate panic in the population,” he said.

Extortion is one of the most frequent crimes in the country – Crédito Contexto Ganadero

Authorities said they continue working to capture those responsible for the incident in the Las Granjas neighborhood. Likewise, the Neiva Metropolitan Police indicated that they continue to monitor the situation and even assure that they are taking all pertinent measures to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants in the area.

Although it is not confirmed information, it is not ruled out that the attacks are also related to the multiple cases of extortion that are registered in the region. In fact, Huila includes one of the areas where armed groups such as the FARC dissidents have expanded their operations in recent months and where, precisely, these criminals tend to commit crimes of this nature.

Faced with this, the authorities have made multiple calls to citizens to report this type of situations, as well as not to “collaborate” with criminals, who have also “placed” this modality as one of the most frequent throughout the national territory. .

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