QuickCheck: Is ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles one of the most-covered songs ever?

QuickCheck: Is ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles one of the most-covered songs ever?
QuickCheck: Is ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles one of the most-covered songs ever?

YOU probably know the lyrics to this song, even after hearing just the first word.

Are you ready? Here goes:


There’s good reason why the lyrics come so easily to you – and that’s because this song by the Fab Four is one of the most-covered songs of all time.

Is this true?



Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday by British band The Beatles is one of the most-recognizable and most-covered songs of all time.

The song, written by Sir Paul McCartney, was a track from the Help! album released in August 1965.

According to The Beatles website, it has been covered over 2,200 times, including by legends of the music industry.

Performers such as Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Neil Diamond, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and many more have recorded their renditions of this classic and timeless tune.

McCartney, as quoted by Far Out magazine said: “Well, it’s difficult to choose the favorite… You look at your songs and kinda look to see which of the ones you think are maybe the best constructed and stuff.

“I think Yesterday – if it wasn’t so successful – it might be my favorite.”

“But, you know, you get that thing when something is just so successful… people often don’t want to do ‘the big one’ that everyone wants them to do. They kind of shy away from it,” he said .

Among the many artists who covered the song, he chose Marvin Gaye as his favorite.

In his explanation, McCartney said: “I think I like Marvin’s best.”

He added: “You know the funny thing about Sinatra, Marvin and Elvis? They changed the words. In the middle, I sing ‘I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday’ but all of them said: ‘I must have said something wrong’. They’re not owning up!”

He also mentioned covers by Sinatra, Elvis and Ray Charles as among his personal favorites of a song he wrote nearly 60 years ago.


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