Navy seized cocaine shipment in the Gulf of Tribugá

Navy seized cocaine shipment in the Gulf of Tribugá
Navy seized cocaine shipment in the Gulf of Tribugá


Within the framework of comprehensive maritime control and security operations, lThe Colombian Navy thwarted a drug trafficking attempt in the Gulf of Tribugá. The intercepted vessel, a fishing type and without a name, was detected while sailing through the aforementioned area. with two crew members of Colombian nationality on board.

The individuals, upon realizing the presence of the military authorities, They tried to evade the interdiction by altering the boat’s engine and trying to sink it removing the elements that prevented the entry of water, however, their attempt was unsuccessful thanks to the quick action of the military personnel.

After safeguarding the lives of the suspects, they were transferred along with the boat to the Bahía Solano Coast Guard Stationwhere the violation of merchant marine regulations was confirmed by not having the necessary permits for navigation. Subsequently, they were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for prosecution.

During the inspection of the vessel, A double bottom was discovered in which 332 rectangular packages were hidden. The Approved Preliminary Identification Test confirmed that These packages contained cocaine hydrochloride, with a total weight of 330 kilograms.

Individuals, whose health status was verified by naval health and found in good condition, will face justice for crimes related to drug trafficking. With this operation, it is estimated that the The Colombian Navy prevented more than 11 million dollars from entering the financial structures of drug trafficking organizations, as well as the distribution of 825 thousand doses of narcotics.


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