Minute by minute of Date 3 of the Home Runs

Minute by minute of Date 3 of the Home Runs
Minute by minute of Date 3 of the Home Runs

Junior de Barranquilla and Equidad meet again in the second duel of this year. The Barranquilleros seek to distance themselves from the three chasing teams, and get closer to the final spot, to defend the title.

Transmission of the Football Phenomenon:

So far the minute by minute of the match between Junior and Pereira.

Pereira took the victory

The match between Junior and Deportivo Pereira ends. Pereira won 3-2 against Junior.

Saved by the stick

Deportivo Pereira was saved by the ball hitting the post.

Didier reprimanded

Didier Moreno is reprimanded for protesting to the referee.

Expelled in Junior

José Enamorado is sent off for a headbutt against Yesus Cabrera.

five more

Five more minutes will be added to the end of the game.

Substitution in Pereira

Yesus Cabrera enters, Carlos Darwin Quintero retires.

Variant in Pereira

Jordy Monroy leaves, Nicolás Giraldo enters.


Yellow card for Eber Moreno for a foul on Deiber Caicedo.

There is no penalty

Nicolás Gallo makes the decision not to award a penalty in favor of Junior.

VAR review

The match referee will review a play that could be sanctioned as a penalty.

Change in Pereira

Ever Moreno enters, Andrés Ibarguen retires

Reprimanded in Pereira

Yellow for Carlos Darwin Quintero for protesting to the referee.

Junior’s goal

Deiber Caicedo scores in injury time for Junior. Pereira 3-2 Junior.


The referee reviewed the play on the VAR and changed Jhonny Jordan’s yellow card to a red card. Expelled at Deportivo Pereira.

First yellow

Jhonny Jordan receives the first yellow card of the game.

Back to action

The second half of the game begins.

Local variants

Luis González and Deiber Caicedo enter, and Yimmi Chará and Marco Pérez leave.

to rest

The first half ends. Pereira partially beats Junior 3-1.

five more

Five more minutes are added to the end of the first half.

The visitor breathes

Diagonal pass, left to Carlos Bacca, who finished and hit the ball on the post. The play is invalidated due to offside.

Pereira was saved

Junior’s collective play ends in Víctor Cantillo’s mid-distance shot that ends up going over Ichazo’s goal.

VAR review

The play is reviewed due to a possible offside by Bacca, but the home team’s score is confirmed. Legal goal.

Junior Gooal

Carlos Bacca scores the game’s discount by taking advantage of an error inside the area and beating Salvador Ichazo.

Third of Pereira

Alejandro Piedrahita marks Pereira’s third score after a clearance from Ibarguen, which leaves him facing Mele to beat him.

Ibarguen attacked

Jermein Peña attacks Andrés Ibarguen in the head, in a foul in the middle of the field. The Pereira player is left lying on the ground with signs of pain.

Ibarguen double

Pereira’s offensive play ends in the shot at the edge of the area by Andrés Ibarguen who finishes with his right foot to extend the difference.

Pereira goal

Visitor’s note. Jordy Monroy’s center on the left side towards the area where Andrés Ibarguen appeared to hit first and open the scoring.

Pereira woke up

Junior’s error in defense ends in Pereira’s attack, which almost scored the first goal. Santiago Mele narrows inside the area and prevents the rival from scoring.

Ichazo in action

Junior attacked again on Pereira’s field and a diagonal ball that ended up inside the area was shot by Marco Pérez who could not celebrate due to the good closing of Ichazo.

Local approach

Junior tried to score the first goal of the game by attacking on the wings and sending a cross into the area controlled by Salvador Ichazo.

Roll the ball

The match between Junior de Barranquilla and Deportivo Pereira begins.

Everyone on the field

The teams go out onto the field.

Deportivo Pereira starting eleven:

Welcome to the minute by minute of the match between Junior de Barranquilla and Deportivo Pereira for date 3 of quadrangular A.

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