the hidden paradise of Misiones that will shock you and make you fall in love

The Iguazú Falls are one of the main tourism points of the country, but Missions hides other unmissable destinations. He Yasy Jump It is one of the largest waterfalls in the province. This is sheltered in a nature reserve and is becoming popular among those who want to enjoy the tranquility and also the most adventurous.

Argentina invites you to enjoy its nature throughout the nation because it has all the habitats in its territory, from the desert in the northeast, the tropical in Misiones and the Antarctic cold in the south. In this case, Salto Yasy offers a disconnection from screens and big cities to discover the local fauna and flora. In addition to knowing the history of the country

Salto Yasy, the hidden paradise of Misiones

The path to the waterfall also counts as one of its attractions because it seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the place and you must take a path that is almost untouched by humans. Once you reach the place, you will find yourself in front of three waterfalls with crystal clear waterswhere the Paraná River descends. Under the waterfall a calm flow is created that formed natural pools in the rocks of the place. These spaces are ideal for bathing during hot days.

The complex where the Yasy Falls is located offers viewpoints towards the spectacular ravines that border the river. The most adventurous can do activities such as rappelling and trekking through the Iguazú Jungle. Furthermore, it can be practiced water sports such as kayaking and rowing.

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For the most cinephiles, they will be able to recognize Salto Yasy as one of the settings where Isabel “La Coca” Sarli starred in the films “India” and “Thunder Among the Leaves” during the 1950s. These films were both controversial and historic for the national industry because the actress made the first cinematic nudes in our country.

How to get to Salto Yasy, the hidden paradise of Misiones

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The nation

This jewel of tourism in Misiones It is located within the Puerto Bemberg Reservein the town of Puerto Libertad. But to get to Salto Yasy you can only take a water route. This begins at the Port of the Posada Bemberg, from there you will travel 13 kilometers by boat, upriver. Once you disembark, you will begin a 500-meter walk through the jungle until you reach the magical waterfall.

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