Aysén PS defines mayoral candidates for elections

Aysén PS defines mayoral candidates for elections
Aysén PS defines mayoral candidates for elections

There will be two women who will compete for mayor in the communes of Río Ibáñez and Cisnes.

Authorities from the Socialist Party and activists from Villa O’Higgins to Cisnes arrived at the headquarters of the College of Teachers, who were summoned to a regional meeting to receive the two candidates of the Socialist Party who will compete in the municipal elections to be held on December 27. October.

They are Jessy Vargas and Gloria Cadagan, two socialist leaders who seek to recover political spaces for women and today are starting their electoral campaign to compete for the mayor’s seat in the municipalities of Río Ibáñez and Cisnes, respectively.

“In Río Ibáñez each and every one of us counts. We are a beautiful commune rich in cultural heritage, where we need new management to address the current needs of the neighbors, respecting each locality,” said Vargas, who is also the daughter of the former mayor of the commune Domingo Vargas.

Likewise, the candidate Gloria Cadagán, who in her last municipal election was only 44 votes away from being elected.

“I want to thank the support provided by the Socialist Party regarding my candidacy for mayor of the commune of Cisnes. We are marking an important milestone, as women leaders, that we can represent our communities in a communal government that is focused on everyone,” said Cadagán.

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