Tarapacá Youth Social Reintegration Service will have a new closed center in Alto Hospicio – CEI News

Tarapacá Youth Social Reintegration Service will have a new closed center in Alto Hospicio – CEI News
Tarapacá Youth Social Reintegration Service will have a new closed center in Alto Hospicio – CEI News

After several years of waiting, the new temporary hospitalization center and closed regime for young people will be a reality.

This, after the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Luis Cordero, made the announcement and visited, together with the Tarapacá regional director of the Youth Social Reintegration Service (SRJ), Liliana Romero; the Minister of Justice, Pablo Valenzuela; and the presidential delegate of Tarapacá, Daniel Quinteros, the land where this new and modern juvenile justice facility will be built, located next to the concessioned Alto Hospicio prison.

“On this side (of the prison) the new juvenile justice center will be developed, in the context of the implementation of the northern zone, according to the law that establishes the gradual installation of the Youth Social Reintegration Service. This will allow the development of a significant penitentiary center in this area. It is possible, in the future, to continue developing greater infrastructure for the Youth Social Reintegration Service and for the prison, since this space allows for combining security and reintegration,” commented Minister Cordero.

According to information from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the project for the design of the new closed center is in the public bidding process. Once the final design is available, construction of the new facility will begin, which will be under the administration of the SRJ of Tarapacá.

For the regional director of the SRJ, Liliana Romero, the announcement by the Secretary of State is very good news for the region, “since it is a long-awaited initiative, which will allow the closed center of Iquique to be moved to a new facility with a modern infrastructure, “which will optimize the work we do as a service to ensure the reintegration and social integration of our subjects of care.”

According to the project, the new complex will have an area of ​​approximately five thousand square meters, where the center’s administrative offices, general services, warehouse and an area for the Gendarmerie will be located. The facility will have modules for temporary hospitalization and closed hospitalization, with a capacity of 72 places for men and women. In addition, it will have a school, gym, work and complementary workshops, a physical and mental health area, among others.

Minister Cordero explained that this closed center in the region, as well as in other places in the country, “is designed to generate new opportunities for young people in conflict with justice. That is why we need an infrastructure designed for this purpose, since these centers not only have the purpose of custody and compliance with a measure or sanction, but also allow the reintegration of young people into society.”

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