Social Mobilization Program for Educational Quality in Magdalena seeks to close gaps

Social Mobilization Program for Educational Quality in Magdalena seeks to close gaps
Social Mobilization Program for Educational Quality in Magdalena seeks to close gaps

Santa Marta

Social Mobilization for Educational Quality in Magdalena is a program that seeks to close the gap in access to free and quality education, which in its new version faces new challengeswith coverage for 80 thousand beneficiaries for its execution.

The governor of Magdalena, Rafael Martínez, accompanied by hundreds of teachers, rectors and teaching directors from the different educational institutions in the department, announced the six axes that this program will develop, which seeks to identify the least favored and thus subject them to rigorous studies.

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Mission Saber will allow us to evaluate not only knowledge, but also the determination and effort of each student.; the Mega Olympics, which will allow students to demonstrate their talents through different institutional, municipal, and subregional meetings until reaching the grand final.

The Excellence Awardsaimed at all teacher trainers in charge of the preparation of athletes for the Mega Olympics competitions, these seek to recognize and stimulate the great efforts made by teachers in the department, Teacher Training, which stimulates the continuous learning of the educators in the region, and Preparation for Saber Tests.

“Under the leadership of Carlos Caicedo, historic investments were made in educational infrastructure, including the improvement of 70 campuses for 30,000 million pesos. We will continue with this government model to benefit 2,500 teachers and 80,000 studentsfrom 3rd grade to 11th grade, and to the 153 educational institutions of the department through the Mobilization for Quality 2024,” explained Governor Rafael Martínez.

In this situation, the rector of the IED José de la Paz Vanegas, from the town of El Cerrito, Beatriz Licona Castillohighlighted that these types of programs benefit the entire community because they allow access to free education for thousands of young people in the department.

We thank former Governor Caicedo and current Governor Rafael Martínez for continuing to invest in education, because through education the social gaps that have historically existed in the department are closed,” said the educator.

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