The key point of the murder of Colonel Élmer Fernández: new images are known of the monitoring that was carried out on him

The key point of the murder of Colonel Élmer Fernández: new images are known of the monitoring that was carried out on him
The key point of the murder of Colonel Élmer Fernández: new images are known of the monitoring that was carried out on him

New images of the follow-up against the director of La Modelo were revealed – credit Colprensa/NoticiasRCN

On the afternoon of May 16, the director of the La Modelo prison, Colonel Élmer Fernández, was murdered by two hitmen who overtook the vehicle in which he was traveling in the company of the driver, who was reportedly left in shock after a shot fired. will end the life of Fernández, who weeks before had suffered threats against him.

A newspaper report from Caracol News reported that at least six people would be involved in Fernández’s murder; This statement was pointed out as a result of a CTI report, in whichMore than 50 security cameras were studied that covered Fernández’s journey from when he left La Modelo until he was murdered on Carrera 30 and Calle 80..

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In the same way, RCN news revealed unpublished details of the crime, adding a key point for the investigation, since images were known of the departure of the vehicle in which the director of La Modelo was traveling, but also about an abnormal movement that was recorded one minute before Fernández left the prison in the company of the driver and the deputy director of the prison.

Two men would have followed up on the departure of Elmer Fernández – credit Noticias RCN

In the images, a man dressed in white tennis shoes, black pants and a jacket of the same color can be seen walking away from the access doors to the prison; A minute later, a similar movement is observed by a subject wearing a reflective garment, so the authorities would consider those identified as possible “bell ringers” of the crime.

Added to this is a fact that had not been taken into account until now and that is that The individual in white tennis shoes would be the same one who passes as the co-pilot of a motorcycle right behind the car in which Fernández was traveling home..

Authorities offer up to $50 million for information that allows the capture of Colonel Fernández’s murderers – credit Noticias RCN

In accordance with RCN newsthis motorcycle followed Colonel Fernández throughout the journey, but seconds before he was killed by the crew of another motorcycle it suddenly moved away, so It is expected that their main mission was to confirm that the driver did not change their usual route after the end of each day..

While the authorities continue to investigate the crime, the Attorney General’s Office has asked Inpec to explain why Fernández did not have a security plan, since weeks before he had received threats from alias Pedro Pluma. Added to this is that in addition to Fernández, four members of Inpec custody have been murdered in 2024.

“It has been warned since the beginning of 2024, and that it is related to the different pamphlets sent to different prisons in the country, in which several threats against the officials of the entity in charge are evident.”

So far no arrests have been recorded for the murder of Colonel Elmer Fernández – credit Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda/EFE

About the last days of Colonel Fernández’s life, The former deputy director of La Modelo, Óscar Tovar, stated that he was not afraid of the threats and that he had planned to attend a concert.

“The last conversation we had was about a concert that he was planning to attend, he really liked salsa, he really liked to tell stories or anecdotes that had happened to him, let’s say that he was very talkative, he had that personality” , declared Tovar to Snail Radio.

Likewise, Tovar, who got out of the vehicle before Fernández was murdered, revealed that he had planned to resign from his position in July, but the director’s death made him bring forward his decision.

I was supporting my alternate Fernández, I was waiting for him to adapt to what it is like to manage the model, since he came from another prison, which is in Guadua, and I had actually planned to retire from the establishment for the month of July, but In view of the event that occurred, I obviously preferred to advance the decision.”

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