Andrés Hurtado in interview with Claudia Aristizabal manager RCN Radio in

Andrés Hurtado in interview with Claudia Aristizabal manager RCN Radio in
Andrés Hurtado in interview with Claudia Aristizabal manager RCN Radio in

AC: Engineer Andrés, what advice would you give to the mayor today, so that she can execute according to what you left in advance in your administration?Those projects that you didn’t have time to execute but that now depend on her to make them viable, what would you say to her to put her shirt and soul into that pending project?

AH: I tell the mayor that four years seems like a lot but it is very little.

Look, she is already going to complete the next six months of her mandate and it means focusing, focusing her team, permanently asking her team for results, demanding a lot from all the professionals who are there in the mayor’s office with her governing concentration and focus.

The development plan brings specific goals and many times one disperses when you start touring the city in the urban part, in the rural part. People ask you for many things and the budget does not allow for that much.

You have to focus on strategic projects so that she sees them as a reality.

The first year is spent on a development plan, in search of resources, in the second and third years the studies and design consultancies are carried out and in the fourth year the tenders are issued to deliver the works. So you see that four years are not enough.

I hope she can carry out the projects. I see a very hard-working woman, a woman who does not rest, a woman who is demanding, a woman with character, with determination and I am sure that she will achieve those goals for the well-being of all Ibaguereños.

AC: Here is the “ñapita”. What else do you consider important that our readers and also Alerta Tolima listeners should know?

AH: No, look, tell all the people of Tolima and all the people of Ibaguera that the first thing is that we can have a better future, a better future, that they continue to give us the opportunities, the possibilities to serve the people of Tolima now. We are focused on visiting each of the municipalities and we hope that God gives us that beautiful opportunity to serve the Tolimenses now and that He, who is the one who shows us the path, fills us with all the necessary tools to do a task in the best possible way. manner. Ask all the people of Tolima to keep us in mind, to keep us in mind so that they continue to give us important opportunities and to thank you also for this important opportunity, for this space of this very important means of communication of Alerta Tolima so that the message accurately to each of the homes in Tolima. Thank you.

CA: Engineer always on call, you are telling us, keep me in mind, you have to be present and it is better to be present in the media.

AH: Thank you very much and again, dear manager Claudia, my greatest gratitude for allowing us these spaces, for bringing the message to the people, for also, of course, making clarifications, also for telling them what we are doing and also dedicating time to the citizens, it is what we enjoy most. A hug to you and thank you very much.

CA: A hug for you and for all our readers and this is how our interview ends today with the engineer Andrés Fabián Hurtado, former mayor of Ibagué and now, as you know, it is being projected.

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