The UNIR headquarters rejects Milei’s accusations against the “family environment of the President of the Government”

The intervention of Javier Milei, Argentine president, at a rally organized by Vox has raised a formidable diplomatic dust. His broad and unveiled accusations (he called President Sánchez’s wife “corrupt”) have generated a diplomatic conflict whose first consequence has been the “call for consultations” of the Spanish ambassador in Argentina.

The Argentine Government responds to Moncloa's order:

Before his participation in the European far-right party that was held this weekend in Vistalegre, Milei received several Spanish businessmen at his country’s embassy in Madrid. At the meeting, in addition to the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, representatives of fifteen firms with economic interests in Buenos Aires attended. One of them was Proeduca, parent company of UNIR (International University of La Rioja). In a statement made public this morning, Proeduca recalls that it has a subsidiary in the Andean country and with extensive activity in most Latin American states, “which is why it was one of the companies invited to the business meeting.”

However, Proeduca has decided to expressly distance itself from the words spoken by the Argentine president during the Vox rally, and above all from his mention of Pedro Sánchez’s wife. “We reject that circumstances to which we are unrelated have led, in violation of the principle of presumption of innocence, to the questioning of the family environment of the President of the Government of Spain,” the statement indicates.

Likewise, Proeduca hopes to preserve the understanding between Madrid and Buenos Aires: «Our entity wants diplomatic relations between Spain and Argentina to return to full normality between two countries traditionally united by strong ties of brotherhood that must continue to contribute to the growth of both.


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