The important work that will bring water to the western neighborhoods

The important work that will bring water to the western neighborhoods
The important work that will bring water to the western neighborhoods

He aqueduct that is being built in the West of Godoy Cruz It is one of the few works that are being carried out in the province, after the decision of the national government to paralyze everything related to public works. The work financed by the government of Mendoza and the Municipality of Godoy Cruz It is located in the former Los Barrancos racetrack.

With 28% progress in execution, the works will supply, reinforce and expand the water supply system. water drinking water of the West basin of the department of Greater Mendoza. In this way, more than 30,000 residents of the neighborhoods located in the West of Godoy Cruz.

Governor Alfredo Cornejo and the mayor of Godoy CruzDiego Costarelli, toured the work of the health care provision system water drinking water of the West basin of the department of Greater Mendoza days ago, accompanied by the head of Aguas Mendocinas, Humberto Mignorance, the secretary of Environment, Works and Public Services of the municipality, Damián Salamone, and the director of Works, Sabina Banzán. “This aqueduct that will go through Godoy Cruz from the southern limit, with Luján, to the northern limit, with the General San Martín Park, it will allow us to reach the 31,000 inhabitants of this place with better service and develop this entire area of ​​​​the foothills,” explained the governor.

The work will be carried out in three sections.
Photo: Government of Mendoza

The tasks carried out for the construction of the aqueduct They will impact the entire Greater Mendoza. As explained by the head of Aguas Mendocinas, Humberto Mingorance, the company is carrying out “macro distribution work for the entire metropolitan area and a first phase of macro measurement so that, with meters in homes, we can know how much we are dispensing to the networks. and how much the neighbors are consuming in order to optimize the use of water resources.”

The work

The first section of stage 1 of the execution of the aqueduct macro distribution goes from the La Puntilla chamber (current Aeroclub Mendoza) to the junction with the initial point of the aqueduct existing, Lancuyén and Guaymaré streets (Puesta del Sol neighborhood). The government detailed that this first section has a total length of approximately 1,416 meters and includes the execution of complementary works consisting of a flow measurement chamber, air valves and drainage chambers and the connection to the adduction and pumping pipes. the current Palmares I, II and III neighborhoods and Palmares Valley.

The second section goes from the end point of the aqueduct existing on Av. Marciano Cantero (at the height of the Solar Park) to the intersection of Marciano Cantero and Segundo Sombra. With a total length of 898 meters, they highlighted that it includes the creation of connections on the existing conduits that supply the neighborhoods of La Estanzuela, Foecyt, Solidaridad and surrounding neighborhoods.

The entire connection (existing and new connections) from the Aeroclub Mendoza to Av. Marciano Cantero and Segundo Sombra, has an approximate length of 4 kilometers. Once stage 1 is completed, the start of stage 2 will be evaluated, which consists of the installation of a aqueduct drive from the current reserve located on Segundo Sombra Street and the execution of other complementary works to guarantee the comprehensive provision of water drinking water to the future basin Former Los Barrancos highway, where the Municipality of Godoy Cruz will develop a master plan for residential development.

The municipality’s Secretary of Works, Sabina Banzán, highlighted the benefits that the work brings for thousands of families. “In the future it will allow us to plan other neighborhoods in the area but, fundamentally, it will improve the service for the current residents whom we will be able to supply normally in the summer. Until now the system worked but with deficiencies because this type of macro works was missing,” she concluded.

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