Weather in Argentina: temperature and probability of rain for Córdoba this May 21

Weather in Argentina: temperature and probability of rain for Córdoba this May 21
Weather in Argentina: temperature and probability of rain for Córdoba this May 21

Temperature, probability of rain, cloudiness and ultraviolet rays are some of the data you should know before leaving home. (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

Before leaving for your destination, know the weather forecast in Córdoba for the following hours on this Tuesday.

The weather for this Tuesday in Córdoba will reach 17 degrees, while the minimum temperature It will be 6 degrees. The UV index forecast is 1.

As for the rain, the probability of precipitation for said city it will be 11%, with 93% cloud cover, during the day; and 22%, with 93% cloudiness, throughout the night.

Meanwhile, wind gusts will reach 26 kilometers per hour during the day and 20 kilometers per hour at night.

The weather forecast in Córdoba (Illustrative image Infobae)

Despite its latitude, The climate of the city of Córdoba can be considered moderately temperate. with characteristics specific to each of the four seasons.

In general terms the climate is pampasthis means that the winters are not very cold. The humid summer, with hot days and cool nights. It is at this time of the year when thunderstorms and hail events usually occur.

Winds from the east and west are rare, their passage is of short duration and low intensity. However In Spring the winds from the north and northwest become stronger.

According to reports from the National Meteorological Service, 2021 is considered one of the warmest in the country.

“If we analyze in detail how this variable behaved in the different regions of the country, we must highlight the values ​​of Patagonia, a region where it is very possible that this year will be the hottest and driest since 1961. In general, values ​​were recorded between 0.5 and 2 °C higher than the statistical average. On the other hand, to the north of the 35th parallel, the temperatures were very close to normal,” states the report “Climate in Argentina: data and summary of what happened in 2021.”

The same report adds that Throughout that year there were only three months that closed with slightly lower temperatures to the normal ones in the country: January, May and June. The rest of the months were warm “and it is necessary to highlight the extremely warm anomalies that were recorded in April and September.”

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