Cornejo will add Mendoza to the Copper Table with the premise of improving salaries

Cornejo will add Mendoza to the Copper Table with the premise of improving salaries
Cornejo will add Mendoza to the Copper Table with the premise of improving salaries

The objective of this table is to promote the implementation of copper projects, one of the essential metals in the energy transition, and to outline joint policies and actions.

This highlights the potential that all of these have with respect to what is one of the most thriving mining commodities for the country, with dozens of projects underway that are expected to become more dynamic in the coming years.

The event will take place from May 21 to 23 and will be inaugurated by the governor of San Juan, Marcelo Orrego. The governors Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Gustavo Sáenz (Salta) and Carlos Sadir (Jujuy), Martín Llaryora (Córdoba) will be present. In addition, the Secretary of Mining, Luis Lucero, will speak, who will delve into the vision of the national government regarding mining and the projection that exists in Argentina within a new political-economic scenario. .

Regarding private companies, the participation of Veladero, Gualcamayo, Challenger Gold, Glencore MARA and El Pachón, Filo del Sol is expected and the top representatives of the copper mega-enterprises Josemaría, Los Azules, Altar and Taca Taca.

The presence of delegations from 17 countries linked to the commercial and business circuit offered by the mining Argentina, among them the Ambassador of Canada, Reid Sirrs, and diplomats from Germany, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

In the case of Mendoza, it is worth remembering that it began drilling in the Cerro Amarillo copper project, in Malargüe, after more than ten years without metal mining activity. Furthermore, it already has legislative approval to start Exploratory activities in the El Burrero, Las Choicas and La Adriana deposits, in order to reactivate them. The three deposits belong to the company Geometales, and two of them (El Burrero and Las Choicas) have the Environmental Impact Declaration (DIA) for exploration. Meanwhile, the San Jorge deposit, in Uspallata, is not in the plans yet.

Copper potential

It is one of the strategic resources due to its high projected global demand for electromobility, renewable energies and the electronics industry. Copper mining can provide the country with investments of US$25,000 million and an exponential jump in its exports towards the end of the decade that would allow it to reach US$10 billion annually.

It must be remembered that with the closure of the Bajo de la Alumbrera mine, in Catamarca, The country celebrates six years without copper production and exports.

Salta, Catamarca and San Juan have the most advanced projects in the country: Los Azules, Taca Taca, Mara, Josemaría, Filo del Sol, Altar and Pachón.

San Juan leads exploration investments in Argentina with five of the most advanced fields for the start of construction and production. It is about the Josemaría projectsthe most advanced with early works and waiting for the start date of construction; El Pachónwhich is going through the feasibility stage, The altarin advanced exploration, The Bluesin preliminary economic study and Edge of the Sunwhich is in the pre-feasibility stage.

In Catamarca, the Minera project Alumbrera Rich Water (Mara), advanced to the pre-feasibility stage. In Jump the Taca Taca mine It is under preliminary economic study.

The future with copper

It is estimated that Within 10 years the world will import about 50 million tons, double what is sold globally today. For example: uAn electric car requires about four times more copper than a fossil fuel car., according to data from the International Energy Agency; Wind generators require about twice as much copper as using coal or natural gas to produce the same amount of electricity.

“It is very important to highlight the interest aroused in the international community by the opportunity that opens up for Mendoza and for Argentina within the framework of the energy transition that requires all of us who adhere to these regulations to seek those opportunities to develop that energy transition, from fossil energies to a cleaner matrix. Mendoza has copperan essential mineral to carry out this task,” said the Minister of Energy and Environment, Jimena Latorre, from Canada.

We know that this energy requires critical minerals. One of those is copper. To determine the degree of that potential that Mendoza has, we need to explore, monetize and quantify, to know what state that mineral is in,” said the minister.

In turn, Jerónimo Shantal, director of Mining of Mendoza, highlighted: “We are very hopeful that mining in Mendoza will grow hand in hand with exploration. We have mineral resources in the department of Malargüe, we need to convert them into exploration. We need to quantify them ”.

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