Diplomatic tension between Spain and Argentina escalates: after Sánchez’s demand, the Milei Government confirms that it will not apologize

Diplomatic tension between Spain and Argentina escalates: after Sánchez’s demand, the Milei Government confirms that it will not apologize
Diplomatic tension between Spain and Argentina escalates: after Sánchez’s demand, the Milei Government confirms that it will not apologize

Manuel Adorni, on the diplomatic conflict with Spain

The spokesperson of the Argentine Government, Manuel Adornihas confirmed that the president Javier Milei will not apologize to Pedro Sanchez because “there are no reasons” for the breaking of diplomatic relations between both countries.

In fact, he has denied that there is a “diplomatic problem” and has accused the Spanish authorities of raising tensions “in bad faith” over what would be a “personal” issue between the Argentine president, Javier Milei, and the Spanish president. , Pedro Sánchez, whom he has urged to apologize for the “fall of insults” poured out by members of his cabinet.

In this way, the Government formally responds to the Spanish president, who today demanded a “rectification” from Milei himself to his statements within the framework of the last convention of the Vox party, in Madrid, where he made an allusion to the complaints by corruption against the first lady of the European country, Begoña Gómez.

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The presidents Javier Milei and Pedro Sánchez

Adorni has shown himself “absolutely surprised” due to the escalation of tensions and has in fact pointed out that “the origin of all this was a cataract of insults from the Spanish Government”, in a press conference in which he directly alluded to statements by several members of the Executive, including them those of the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, on the alleged consumption of “substances”.

“This began on May 3, when a minister of the Spanish government accused the Argentine president of ingesting substances; From there, came endless attacks from other ministers, and from Pedro Sánchez himself, who treated him as a fascist, a hater, a denier, a bad person. Some demand apologies. There won’t be, there’s nothing to apologize for. “We appeal to the Government of Spain to apologize to us,” Adorni said in statements to Metro Radio.

The Argentine Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, and the Spanish Ambassador in Buenos Aires, María Jesús Alonso Jiménez

In addition, the official maintained that the Argentine president’s comments correspond to issues “personal” that “they should not interfere in diplomatic relations.” “I doubt that Spain has any intention of breaking diplomatic relations with Argentina and there is no reason to break relations with Spain.”he added.

In turn, Adorni considered that Sánchez “did something worse” than the president’s comment at the Vox event, such as “interfering in Argentina’s internal politics, when he supported (Sergio) Massa and wanted Milei to lose.”

Pedro Sánchez’s first reaction to Javier Milei’s words about him and his wife at the Vox event in Madrid.

At an economic forum organized in Madrid, the Spanish president began his speech with a reaction. He said that Milei was not “up to par” and affirmed that the response to them will be in accordance “with the dignity of Spanish democracy” and the ties of brotherhood that unite both countries. In turn, he maintained that his Argentine counterpart did not speak on behalf of “the great Argentine people” and stressed that, “between governments, affections are free, but respect is inalienable.”

For this reason, he maintained that the Government is waiting for a public rectification from the president of Argentina before acting. “Accordingly, the response of the Government of Spain will be in accordance with the dignity that Spanish democracy represents and the ties of brotherhood that unite Spain and Argentina.”

After the intervention of Milei, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albareshad already made an institutional declaration to demand “public apologies” for his words spoken in Madrid, since they “overcome any type of political and ideological difference.” “If it does not occur, We will take the measures we believe appropriate to defend our sovereignty,” he added.

In addition, Albares called the Spanish ambassador in Argentina, María Jesús Alonso, for consultations and summoned the Argentine ambassador in Madrid to present a formal complaint.

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