Milei refuses to apologize, calls Sánchez a “coward” and deepens the diplomatic crisis between both countries

Milei refuses to apologize, calls Sánchez a “coward” and deepens the diplomatic crisis between both countries
Milei refuses to apologize, calls Sánchez a “coward” and deepens the diplomatic crisis between both countries

Far from calming down, the diplomatic crisis unleashed this Sunday following the intervention of the far-right president of Argentina, Javier Milei, at the summit organized by Vox in Madrid continues its upward spiral. The Argentine Government and its ambassador in Spain, Roberto Bosch, whom The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, said this Monday at the Ministry, they made it clear that Milei does not have the slightest intention of apologizing to the Chief Executive for having called his wife, Begoña Gómez, “corrupt.” Sánchez warned that if the rectification does not arrive, a response will be given “in accordance with the dignity that Spanish democracy represents.”

Back in his country, the Argentine president not only did not rectify but raised the tone of his insults even more. «I am not going to apologize from any point of view, if I was the one attacked. Today all over the world there is talk of cases of corruption of women due to influence peddling and they even pressured a judge, and he is involved. (…) When I said the phrase I never mentioned anyone, he incriminates himself. Sánchez had no choice but to join in and hit me,” Mileu expressed in her usual exalted tone in statements on the Argentine television network Todo Noticias.

The far-right did not hesitate to call the Spanish president a “coward.” «He is so cowardly that he needed to send me to beat women. It is something of fierce cowardice. “He gets under women’s skirts to attack me,” Milei proclaimed in reference to statements made against him by the second vice president of the Spanish Government, Yolanda Díaz; and that of Science, Innovation and Universities, Diana Morant. And he went one step further by placing the socialist behind the Argentine opposition movement against him. «What is happening in Spain is not independent of the actions of Kirchnerism here. (The action in Spain) It is promoted from Kirchnerism here. “It is coordinated with Kirchnerism,” he stated.

Despite everything, Milei did not want to burn all the bridges regarding the ties between both countries. «The relationship is not going to break. The relationship is not built by the leaders, it is built by the people. We receive a lot of immigration from Spain, and no one will be able to break this bond. “Reality itself is going to impose itself,” said the Argentine president.

In addition to its external aspect, the diplomatic clash has acquired an obvious national derivative on the starting ramp of the campaign for the European Championships on June 9. In the same way that he presented the general elections of July 23 as a crusade against the “reactionary wave” that sweeps the world and has been brandishing its results for months as a feat worthy of international praise, Sánchez presents the next electoral event as a new opportunity to close the move to the extreme right. The outbursts of the anarcho-capitalist Milei, who in the same speech stated that socialism is “carcinogenic”, even “satanic” and only leads “to poverty and death”, have come at the ideal moment to become a symbol of what the PSOE says it is fighting.

On Monday, Sánchez accused the controversial Argentine president of not having been “up to par” on his first visit to Spain since taking office five months ago. An exclusively partisan visit, in which there was no institutional meeting other than a last-minute meeting with businessmen, which was also dogged by controversy over the absence of women. The President of the Spanish Government assured that he does not interpret the “attack” received as an offense by the “great Argentine people”, but insisted that an apology must be received. “Evidently between governments, affections are free but respect is inalienable,” he said hours after Albares announced the call for consultations with the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires, María Jesús Alonso.

In the same intervention – in an economic forum organized by the newspaper ‘Cinco Días’ -, however, the head of the Executive also charged both against Vox, host of the event attended by other representatives of the global extreme right such as Marine Le Pen, and , without mentioning it expressly, against the PP for not having disfigured the Argentine president’s attitude.

“They are the same”

“Defending Spanish institutions from the insults and defamations that foreign leaders may eventually make doesn’t mean ifs or buts because, beyond ideology, there is education and patriotism,” he said. Just in case anyone had doubts about the recipient of the reproach, the spokesperson for the executive of her party, Esther Peña, made it clear in a previous appearance in Ferraz. «Abascal and Feijóo have shown that they are the same. “They don’t care what happens to this country and its citizens, as long as they think they are getting four votes,” she said. “We could say that theirs is an AliExpress patriotism, a filthy copy of true patriotisms,” she went so far as to say.

Sánchez attributed “political violence” to Abascal that he did not accuse Feijóo of, but the entire discourse of the socialists is, in reality, about assimilating them. The party leadership assures that they are not trying to take advantage of the situation, that of course they are not happy about it and that they are only limiting themselves to recording what each person’s behavior is.

Both Peña and the Foreign Minister himself brought up again this Monday what was the attitude of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero when at an Ibero-American summit the Venezuelan Hugo Chávez attacked former president José María Aznar. It’s not the first time. They already resorted to that episode when Milei responded in a way that the Government and the PSOE judged “disproportionate” and “out of place” to the insinuations of the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, that the Argentine president took drugs.

That clash, at the beginning of May, was settled in just over three days. This one looks likely to last longer. For now, the diplomatic steps that have already been taken are significant. Albares thanked the political groups that have supported the ambassador’s withdrawal for her support. He assured that it has been everyone except PP and Vox, although both Sumar and Podemos have not missed the opportunity to reproach that the Government has not been equally firm in the case of Israel.

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