A gang dedicated to the theft and sale of pallets falls in Córdoba

A gang dedicated to the theft and sale of pallets falls in Córdoba
A gang dedicated to the theft and sale of pallets falls in Córdoba

The National Police in Córdoba has arrested six men accused, allegedly, of crimes against heritage and socioeconomic order and membership in a criminal group, which has been dismantled in Córdoba.

The Corps has reported that those arrested are accused of theft of 146 wooden pallets inside trailer trucks, when they were on different service roads or rest areas of gas stations located in industrial estates or areas near them.

The investigation began at the end of last March after a robbery was committed inside a trailer truck, when it was parked on a service road in Córdoba, in which about 33 wooden pallets were stolen. This event was followed by six more that occurred throughout the months of March and April, both in this city and Benicasim (Castellón) and in Linares (Jaén).

The agents managed to relate the crimes committed in the different provinces, observing that in all of them a pattern was followed. same pattern of action, the thieves taking advantage of the fact that the truck drivers were resting on service roads to steal the pallets. Furthermore, the location of the events and the time period in which the robberies occurred were identical.

The progress of the research allowed us to identify the six components of the organization, all of them men, with defined roles and tasks among them. It was also possible to verify how those investigated, once they stole the pallets, quickly sold them to different companies, sometimes using false identities. In total, 112 wooden pallets were recovered.

Due to these events, the agents in charge of the investigation proceeded to arrest the six men accused of seven crimes against property and socioeconomic order as well as belonging to a criminal group, who after being placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority, were released with charges.


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